15 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day 2018 Candy Gift Ideas That You Still Have Time To Make Yourself

Now that Valentine's Day is around the corner, does anyone else feel like they're being haunted by candy hearts and boxed chocolate? These treats basically define the romantic holiday — but honestly, I'd rather make homemade candy gifts for Valentine's Day. It's a more meaningful approach to the usual set of presents, especially if you've been in a relationship for a long time.

If you're intimidated by the thought of making candy, though, don't fret. The process is surprisingly easy and cheap, and you don't need fancy ingredients or equipment. Some recipes call for store-bought candy, which is useful if you're scrambling for a last-minute Valentine's Day gift.

Obviously, homemade candy ideas are also a must for celebrating Galentine's Day. The ladies in our lives are nothing short of amazing, so they definitely deserve more than a generic pink and red package of questionable chocolates. And if you're throwing a Galentine's Day party in honor of your squad, serve your homemade treats as dessert or party favors. Better yet, turn it into an activity and make it together.

The list of 15 candy recipes is just the beginning. Don't be afraid to personalize each one with ingredients like edible glitter, sprinkles, and of course, a meaningful card or message.

1. Rose-Flavored Rock Candy

A Beautiful Mess

Aside from being the go-to flowers of Valentine's Day, roses are known for their sweet and delicate flavor. And thanks to this simple tutorial by A Beautiful Mess, you can infuse homemade candy with notes of this iconic bloom.

2. Homemade Tootsie Rolls

A Cozy Kitchen

Tootsie Rolls might not seem like a romantic candy, but when it's homemade, how can you resist? Follow this recipe by A Cozy Kitchen, then wrap each one piece with wax paper. Add a strip of washi tape or ribbon for extra flair.

3. Pretzel Bark Candy

Brown Eyed Baker

If you're intimidated by the thought of making an edible gift, try this pretzel bark recipe by Brown Eyed Baker. It's one of those beginner-friendly recipes that is almost impossible to mess up. All you need to do is melt and pour.

4. Strawberry Marshmallow Fudge

My Baking Addiction

For the person that loves a little bit of everything, make this strawberry marshmallow fudge by My Baking Addiction. It involves fruit-flavored marshmallows, Nutella, rice crisps, and dried strawberries? Now, that's what I call love.

5. Gummy Candy

A Beautiful Mess

DIY gummy candy is surprisingly easy to make. All you need are basic ingredients and silicone molds, which are available in countless shapes like robots and skulls. The possibilities are literally endless. To make a batch for Valentine's Day, check out the recipe by A Beautiful Mess.

6. Strawberry Pistachio Nougat

A Cozy Kitchen

Fans of sweet and salty flavors will adore this strawberry pistachio nougat. It's also beautiful to look at, so that certainly doesn't hurt. Find the full recipe at A Cozy Kitchen.

7. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Willow Bird Baking

It's no secret that peanut butter cups have a cult following. And if your Valentine's Day recipient happens to be a fan, consider making this homemade version by Willow Bird Baking. Something tells me you'll get some serious brownie points.

8. Spring Flower Lollipops

Sprinkle Bakes

OK, so maybe it isn't spring yet. But how gorgeous are these lollipops by Sprinkle Bakes? You can definitely use real flowers, but be sure to use the organic kind from an herb shop or nursery. Violas, pansies, and roses are lovely edible options.

9. Vegan Caramel

The Kitchn

Know a vegan with a sweet tooth? Make their heart skip a beat with these vegan caramels by The Kitchn. Ingredients like Medjool dates and almond butter bring in lots of flavor and even more nutrition.

10. 5-Ingredient Crockpot Bars

Half Baked Harvest

If you've never used a Crockpot to make candy, you're missing out. All it takes is five ingredients but there is so much room for customization. Half Baked Harvest has the lowdown.

11. Gumdrops


Did you know that it's possible to make gumdrops at home, too? You can thank Bakerella for that. Pick and choose colors and flavors depending on the recipient, and once you're done, wrap 'em up in a cellophane bag and tie it off with a bow.

12. Heart Lollipops

Studio DIY

If recipes from scratch isn't your style, visit Studio DIY and make these heart lollipops. All you need to do is melt store-bought candy, so there's no way you can mess it up.

13. Hot Chocolate On A Stick

Chocolate Covered Katie

The only thing better than a cup of hot chocolate is hot chocolate on a stick. Yes, you read that right. In this tutorial, Chocolate Covered Katie worked some serious magic by combining ingredients like hot cocoa mix, maple syrup, and coconut milk. Yum.

14. Edible Glitter Chocolate Bars

Studio DIY

We all know that one person who is basically a real-life unicorn. And with Studio DIY's recipe for glitter chocolate bars, they can also poop actual glitter. Dreams really do come true.

15. DIY Rock Candy

Studio DIY

Studio DIY does it again with a recipe for homemade rock candy. I can imagine lovers of crystals adoring this treat, and they're the epitome of a gram-worthy gift.