15 Matching Dog & Owner Halloween 2018 Costumes That Are Just Freakin' Adorable

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If you’re a dog owner, Halloween is probably one of your favorite holidays. I mean, is there anything cuter than dressing up your furry friend? No, I think not. And while it’s always fun to dress up with other people, nothing tops matching dog and owner costumes for Halloween. Besides, there’s a good chance that you already do everything together; celebrating the spooky holiday should be no different.

The first step, however, is taking into consideration how your dog feels about clothes. Some pups don’t mind wearing outfits. In fact, dogs with thin coats might actually like the extra layer during the cooler months. Meanwhile, other dogs might not love it, so don’t forget to pay attention to their reaction and body language.

For pups who don’t mind (or notice) when you dress them up, there are so many ways to wear matching outfits. The key is to choose a Halloween dog costume that is nice and simple. Sure, you want to get the point across, but you also want to make sure they feel good. You can always add most of the details to your own costume. Better yet, consider getting the whole family involved with an easy group Halloween costume.

Ready to dress up with your furry friend? Here are some adorable Halloween costumes that you can wear with your dog.

1. Dororthy and The Cowardly Lion

GABOSS Lion Mane Costume, $11.99, Amazon | Rubie's Costume Women's Wizard Of Oz Adult Dorothy Dress and Hair Bows, $39.99, Amazon | Toto with Basket, $14.59, Amazon | Red Sequined Women's Shoes, $29.99, Halloween Costumes

If you grew up loving The Wizard Of Oz, you'll adore this matching costume idea. First, your pup will need a lion's mane. You'll need Dorothy's classic outfit, complete with shiny red slippers.

And if your dog already looks like Toto? All you need to do is dress up as Dorothy and you're all set.

2. Owl and Hogwarts Student

Owl Dog Halloween Costume, $8.99, Jeffers | Black Gryffindor Robe, $49.99, Spirit Halloween | Harry Potter Accessory Kit, $9.93, Amazon

Calling all Hogwarts students! This Halloween, consider dressing up your pup as an owl. It's the perfect match for a Hogwarts student costume. Simply choose the uniform based on your house and you're good to go.

3. Ash and Pikachu

Pikachu Dog Costume, $28, PetitDogApparel on Etsy | AE Oversized Denim Vest, $29.97, American Eagle | Gildan Short Sleeve Adult T-Shirt in White, $3.99, Michaels | BIOWORLD Pokemon Ash Ketchum Snapback Hat, $16.34, Amazon

If you grew up trading Pokémon cards (or play Pokémon GO on the daily), you'll love this dog and human costume idea. First, dress up your pup Pikachu or your favorite Pokémon. To dress up as Ash, you can wear a denim vest, white shirt, and red hat.

4. Ariel and Sebastian

Frisco Lobster Dog & Cat Costume, $8.99, Chewy | ToBeInStyle Women's Double Scoop Neck Tank Top, $8.33, Amazon | FEESHOW Women's Mermaid Tail Long Skirt, $23.95, Amazon | EmaxDesign Wigs 28 Inch Cosplay Wig for Women, $14.99, Amazon

When you celebrate Halloween under the sea, this Sebastian and Ariel costume idea is a must. Your furry friend will need a crab costume, but if you can't find one, a lobster costume works just as well. Meanwhile, you'll need a purple tank top or bra, a glittery green maxi skirt, and a red wig.

5. The Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood

Zack & Zoey Big Bad Woof Costume, $15.99, EntirelyPets | Red Satin Hooded Womens Cape, $21.99, Spirit Halloween | Gingham Cut Out Sun Dress, $11.89, Charlotte Russe | Red and White Gingham Basket, $9.99, Spirit Halloween

Does your pup look like a wolf? If so, it's the perfect excuse to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood. Otherwise, you can get your furry friend a cozy wolf costume. To dress up as Little Red Riding Hood, you'll need a red hooded cape, a dress, and a small basket.

6. Chewbacca and Han Solo

Rubie's Costume Company Chewbacca Dog and Cat Costume, $14.11, Chewy | Adult Han Solo Costume Star Wars, $44.99, Party City

Dog owners who are die-hard Star Wars fans will get a kick out of this matching costume idea. You'll need a Chewbacca costume for your pup and a Han Solo costume for yourself.

7. Hot Dog and Hot Dog Vendor

Hot Dog Costume for Dog, $12.99, Target | KNG Red Adjustable Bib Apron, $7.99, Amazon | Retro Diner Food Server Party Hat, $7.99, Amazon

Here's another clever matching costume for humans and dogs. First, your furry friend needs a hot dog costume. (This will be even funnier if you have a dachshund, the most hot dog-looking dogs of all dogs.) You'll need an apron and server hat to dress up as a vendor.

8. Rajah and Jasmine

Casual Canine Bengal Buddy Costume, $9.60, Chewy | Disney Aladdin Princess Jasmine Deluxe Costume, $64.90, Hot Topic

As always, you can't go wrong with Disney-inspired costume ideas. To dress up as Rajah, Jasmine's majestic tiger, your dog will need a tiger costume. Meanwhile, you can dress up as Jasmine or Aladdin.

9. Minions

Minion Dog Costume, $15.99, EntirelyPets | Adult Minion One-Piece Costume, $29.99, Party City

There is nothing cuter than a pair of minions wandering around on Halloween. To recreate this simple costume idea, both you and your pup will need minion costumes. Easy peasy.

10. The Beast and Belle

Zack & Zoey Polo Dog & Cat Shirt, $12.92, Chewy | GABOSS Lion Mane Costume, $11.99, Amazon | Plus Off Shoulder Solid Dress, $17.59, Romwe | Yellow Gloves, $14.99, Halloween Costumes

It's surprisingly easy to dress up your dog as the Beast, especially if he already has shaggy fur. To create the costume, you'll need a blue shirt and a lion's mane. To dress up as Belle, wear a yellow off-shoulder dress with yellow long-sleeved gloves. Finish off the outfit with a yellow bow or headband.

11. Waffle and Eggs

Dog Costume - Brown/Yellow, $12.99, Target | Egg Costume, $29.99, Halloween Costumes

On Halloween, you can't go wrong with food-themed costumes like this waffle and eggs pairing. Your pup will need a waffle costume and you'll need an egg costume. To complete the look, your friends or family members can dress up as other breakfast foods.

12. The White Rabbit and Alice

Rubie's Costume Company Bunny Dog and Cat Costume, $16.99, Chewy | Deluxe Plus Size Alice Costume, $49.99, Halloween Costumes

Another iconic pairing is the White Rabbit and Alice. Your dog will need a rabbit costume or a pair of rabbit ears. You'll need an Alice costume, but you can also DIY the look with a blue dress, white apron, and white stockings.

13. Reindeer and Santa

Rubie's Reindeer Hoodie, $9.98, Amazon | Adult Santa Long-Sleeve Dress, $19.99, Party City | Deluxe Plush Santa Hat, $5.99, Halloween Costumes

If you celebrate Christmas, this matching costume idea is an awesome way to get a head start on the festivities. Your pup will need a reindeer costume and you'll need a Santa outfit or Santa-inspired sweater.

This idea is especially adorable if you have more than one dog. Can you imagine walking down the street with a group of reindeer dogs? Love it.

14. Dragon and Daenerys Targaryen

Dog Costume - Purple/Yellow, $12.99, Target | Women's Barbarian Warrior Costume, $49, Target | Probeauty Long Braid Curly Cosplay Wig, $23.99, Amazon

Here's another clever costume idea for dog owners. Your pup will need a dragon costume, and you'll need a costume or dress inspired by Daenerys. For extra laughs, your dog can dress up as Daenerys and you can dress up as a dragon.

15. Rainbow and Unicorn

Dog Costume - Rainbow/White, $12.99, Target | Leg Avenue Women's Plus Size Unicorn Costume, $32.92, WalMart

It's safe to say that rainbows and unicorns have been getting a lot of love lately. If you're all about the bright colors and glittery details, you and your pup can dress up as a rainbow and unicorn. Too cute.