15 Reasons Taco Bell Is The Best Food Chain, Don’t @ Me

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You know the deal: It's late and you're driving back home from work when a craving strikes. There's nothing stocking the fridge in your kitchen, and who has the energy to navigate a grocery store when all you're really looking for is a quick fix. And that's when you hear a bell, or more like see the bell. There are plenty of reasons why Taco Bell is the best food chain and the convenience to satiate our hunger instantaneously is just one of them.

First of all, there are tacos. You know, a soft corn tortilla cradling a spicy filling of meat and vegetables doused in salsas and hot sauces? Taco Bell has taken the basics and applied imagination to create tacos that are in a class of their own. But more on that later. The most important thing is that you can count on Taco Bell. It's open when you're hungry and it plays along with your Senior Class photos. Taco Bell wants to be a part of your milestones and outfit those events with Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos. What could be better? Taco Bell isn't only about the food it's about the experiences. And that's what has us — and everybody, it seems — coming back for much more than second helpings.

Nacho Fries Are Coming To A Menu Near You

Taco Bell

Yes, Taco Bell is adding a favorite side order item to their menu and it's getting the nacho treatment. The fries will be tossed in a "bold Mexican seasoning" as reported by Bustle, and served with a side of nacho cheese sauce. Taco Bell is making all your cravings easier to obtain in a single stop.

20 New Dollar Menu Items

With an expansion of items to the dollar menu, comes opportunity to stretch your dollar further. Taco Bell is just making that awkward time between paychecks easier to digest. For the grand total of $1 you can get a quesadilla that's grilled and stacked. Sold!

You Can Wear Your Love For Taco Bell

Blessing the masses with more reason to engage in a shopping spree, a collaboration with Forever 21 brought Taco Bell clothing to our wardrobe. You can literally wear a bathing suit celebrating Taco Bell's satisfying "CRUNCH" to the beach. I did not know that I needed it but I am sure am glad to have it.

The Hot Sauces

Two words for you: Fire Sauce. Smear it on everything you order and relish in the beauty of a face blushing with heat. If you need your refrigerator at home stocked with hot sauce (who doesn't) and feel awkward about taking a few more packets, you can buy a bottle of whichever heat level you can handle at Target.

Your Senior Photos Will Stand Out

Why pose in front of a monotonous backdrop when you can have a photoshoot at Taco Bell, with tacos as props?

It's A Great Place To Have Your Birthday Party

As far as I know you don't have to make a reservation at Taco Bell to reserve a table for you and your closest friends to celebrate your birthday over a mountain of burritos.

Double Decker Taco Supreme

When you can't decide between the crunch of a hard taco and the soft chew of a soft taco, Taco Bell makes the decision easier. And far more interesting with the Double Decker Taco Supreme which is essentially a taco hugging another taco.

It Doesn't Break The Bank

You can have your make up, but a lot more Taco Bell too. If you budget right.

Mexican Pizza

For $3.59 you can experience the glory of Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza which is a concoction of "Mexican Pizza Sauce" and a three cheese blend.

Taco Bell's Signature Colors Makes For A Great Makeup Palette

You know Taco Bell's prominent yellow and purple colors? Turns out, they make for a beautiful makeup palette. Which begs the questions, what can't Taco Bell inspire?!

Their Special Thanksgiving Menu Is An Inspiration

If you haven't looked over the Taco Bell created Thanksgiving menu that employees at the HQ got to dig into last November, you're missing out. Study it and plan your next Thanksgiving accordingly.

Free. Tacos.

This is a thing that happened once, and who is to say that it won't happen again. In the 2017 World Series (that's baseball) if a player stole a base, America was treated to a free taco. Go sports!

You Can Order Online

Expediting the already quick process to get your tacos as soon as you arrive.


Just order elope with a side of nachos. There is a chapel at Taco Bell's Las Vegas Cantina restaurant because of course there is and this changes my Pinterest wedding page exponentially.

The Taco Bell Foundation

Live Más Scholarships are available for America's youth, ages 16-24, in support of furthering education. Scholarships are also available for Taco Bell Employees. So far, according to Taco Bell Foundation's website, "Since 1992, the Foundation has reached more than 3.5 million young people across the county and has awarded more than $62 million in grants and scholarships.”

Editor's Note: A previous version of this article misstated details about the Taco Bell Foundation's Live Más Scholarships. It has been updated to accurately reflect those details.