These March For Science Sign Ideas Are So Powerful

by Mia Mercado
Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you’re looking for a productive way to spend Earth Day, consider joining the thousands of people across the country planning to partake in the March for Science on April 22. All you’ll need is yourself, a love of science, and perhaps some powerful March for Science sign ideas to take part in the upcoming march.

The March for Science, like science itself, is for everyone and anyone. The mission of the march, according to the official website, is to “[champion] robustly funded and publicly communicated science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity.” While the march is in part a response to the current administration’s threat to environmental protection, it also aims to educate everyone, empowering and establishing a public love for science.

“We understand that the most effective way to protect science is to encourage the public to value and invest in it,” the March for Science website states. You can show your representatives that you are invested in the protection of science by showing up on Saturday.

Whether you’ll be taking part in the Washington, D.C. march or you’ll be marching in one of the hundreds of satellite marches happening across the country, here are 16 powerful sign ideas to get ready for the March for Science.


Quote Your Favorite Woman in Science

Artist and author Rachel Ignotofsky created downloadable versions of this quote from Rosalind Franklin you can use in Saturday's march. Download the poster for free here.


Give The Young People What They Want

The above sign is from the Women's March, but the March for Science is as good a time as any to tout peer-reviewed, evidenced-base science.


Remind Everyone that Climate and Weather Aren't The Same Thing

Use your poster as a friendly reminder that regardless of how chilly it may be on any given day, climate change is real and it is not the same thing as the weather.


State Facts: "7 in 10 People Believe in Climate Change"

According to a recent CNN report, seven in 10 people think global warming is happening. Take Saturday’s march to remind Trump and other climate-change deniers in office that their views on climate change counter that of the majority of Americans.


Pay Homage To Science And Liberty

Ms. Frizzle as Lady Liberty is the motivation you need to march on Saturday.


Adjust Trump's Campaign Slogan To Be More Accurate

If you're looking for an excuse to quote Neil deGrasse Tyson, the March for Science is as good an excuse as any.


Make Puns In The Name of Science

Artist @colortheheart created a downloadable coloring page you can customize for your protest sign. Download yours for free here.


Show People What We Have Science To Thank For...

If you need more protest sign ideas, the recent Stand Up For Science Rally has some great inspiration, like the sign above.


...And Then Keep Showing Them

If you're looking to be more specific, give credit to the women who have made scientific contributions throughout history as well as the ones shaping our future.


“Science-based Policies Save Lives”

Science life-saving. Literally.


Let Bill Nye Do The Talking

You can also sport your very own "science is universal" shirt.


Take A Note From The Earth

Be as big of a threat to your reps re-election as, say, the ocean levels are to Florida.


“This Is What a Scientist Looks Like”

Promoting diversity in STEM is crucial. Show the world what the face of science looks like.


Make Signs That Promote STEM Literacy

To clarify, they are imaginary.


“Science Is Not A Partisan Issue”

Like this article from STAT states, political advocacy and policy crucial for science. However, that should be true regardless of party affiliation.


“There Is No Planet B”

Remind everyone what is at stake: quite literally, everything.