17 Best "The Date Was Great Until" Tweets That'll Remind You It Could Always Be Worse

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

There are bad dates, then there are really effing bad dates. And if you want a big helping of the later, Twitter has come to the rescue. With the trending hashtag #TheDateWasGreatUntil, people are sharing the exact moments their dates took a turn for the worse. From true dates from hell to horrors that you really hope aren't true, this is the hashtag just keeps on giving.

So if you've ever had a bad date that's taken a sharp turn into terrible territory, it's time to sleep a little easier, because you are not alone. And if you're on a date that goes wrong, please remember that you don't have to stay there.

"The overall philosophy should be that dating is an exploration of yourself and other people," John Keegan, dating expert, tells Bustle. "It's about two people coming together, connecting and creating experiences together." If you're not connecting or enjoying the experience, there's no need to stick it out. There are ways to remove yourself without being rude, so don't be afraid to make your goodbyes.

Plus, as this hashtag shows, first (or second or third) dates can get oh-so-bad. How low can they get? Well, here are some of the top #TheDateWasGreatUntil tweets. You can start cringing now.

1When You're Related

I mean, that's pretty distant — right? OK, maybe not right.

2When It's Summer


It's not your fault, whoever you are.

3When They're A Little Too Seroius

A bit keen there, hey? Surely conversation and meeting the grandmother are second date topics.

4When They're An Idiot

At least unprompted criticisms of feminists are a good way to weed out the jerks right from the very beginning. In a way, it's actually helpfully efficient.

5When It Gets Messy

I have been that guy. Sorry, everyone.

6When They're Wrong

This is the most offensive tweet on this list. End of story.

7When A Girl Needs Her Chew

When they say "hiding" — hiding how? Holding it under the table all night? Leaving it on the floor and having good enough aim to spit into it? I want some details on this one, please.

8When You Get Very, Very Lost

This sounds like a genuinely sketchy date. Although my first boyfriend drove us three hours away from home because, in his words, "ALL ROADS LEAD TO A HIGHWAY."

Spoiler alert: No, they really don't.

9When He's A Mama's Boy

To be honest, I feel like this is 90 percent of millennials right now. Why you have to be so harsh? This is our lives.

10When They Are Scientologists

It happens to the best of us.

11When He's Incorrect

*Vegans and vegetarians of the world sigh in unison.*

12When You Can See The Future

I don't know who you are, Julie, but you are a wordsmith and a scholar.

13When He Just Needs To Move Some Supplements

He has a garage full of blue green algae and broken dreams — are you happy now, Rachel?

14When People Are The Worst

Seriously, people are idiots.

15When He Makes The Greatest Faux Pas

Waitstaff and former waitstaff of the world salute you, Dawna.

16When You've Misunderstood The Assignment

Yikes. That burns.

17When Things Get Meta

It all comes full circle.

Sure, you've been on a bad date — but has it been find-out-they're-a-Scientologist-and-your-cousin bad? It could get worse, just remember that it could always get worse.