17 Women Who Could've Hosted The 2017 Emmys

by Jordana Lipsitz
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

First, I'd like to say that Stephen Colbert is wonderfully funny and I'm certain he will do a splendid job hosting the 2017 Emmys on Sept. 17. He's a funny comedian and does a great job hosting CBS' The Late Show. But I can't help but think that this is yet another missed opportunity to offer the hosting gig to a woman or person of color. There are so many poised and hilarious women who could have hosted the 2017 Emmys and done a totally brilliant job on TV's biggest night.

After the positive vibes of Women’s Marches all across the country and world, I became hopeful that 2017 might be the year of the woman. In the past decade, only two women have hosted the Emmys — Jane Lynch in 2011 and a shared performance from Heidi Klum with an all-male team in 2008. But alas, I have to admit that I was disappointed that the Emmys hosting gig went to another straight, white man.

In a statement released by CBS, Television Academy chairman and CEO Hayma Washington credited Colbert's "Emmy-winning comedic talent" and him being a "formidable showman" as reasons why the very qualified late-night comedian was chosen for the job.

But let's stay positive and focus on the amazing women out there who are more than qualified for a future Emmys hosting gig.


Tina Fey & Amy Poehler

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler own the Golden Globes, so they would be just as at home owning the Emmys. More Tina and Amy always, please.


Jessica Williams

I have to say I love how Stephen Colbert got super famous from his work on The Daily Show. So I would also be super down if another talented comedian who got her start on TDS, Jessica Williams, were hosting. Her work on The Daily Show, her podcast with Phoebe Robinson titled 2 Dope Queens, and her activism prove that Williams is a funny and fresh voice of this generation, so let's get her on everybody's TV screens stat.


Ilana Glazer & Abbi Jacobson

Jacobson and Glazer rock some of the best feminist humor on Broad City and they could totally rock it as hosts of the Emmys.


Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho is no stranger to performances at awards shows as shown in her character work at the 2015 Golden Globes as a Kim Jong Un-esque general named “Cho Yang Ja." It's been awhile since Cho hosted anything —the New Year's Rockin' Eve 1995 special with Steve Harvey was her last similar gig. But her Golden Globes cameos, and stand-up comedy experience make her the perfect and diverse contender. Maybe if we were lucky, she'd create another hilarious character for the occasion.


Samantha Bee

As the host of the breakout hit show Full Frontal, Bee would be the perfect choice to take center stage at an upcoming awards show.


Laverne Cox

It is my dream to have Laverne Cox put me to sleep by reading me an awesome bedtime story, but if that doesn't work out, I would totally be excited for her to host the Emmys. She's diverse and she's got the charm —  definitely a winner in my book.


Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler has proven her comedy skills through the years, specifically her show Chelsea Lately and her Netflix series Chelsea, that she can bring the wit and get down to the point. She makes an ideal host, if you ask me.



I don't really think I need to explain myself here. Oprah can do anything she wants and we will immediately and always enjoy it. United States of Oprah, ya'll.


Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is no stranger to hosting. Along with her own Emmy award-winning talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she has hosted the Emmys, Oscars, and Grammys multiple times. She's practically got the hosting version of an EGOT. I'll always be happy to see Ellen host another show.


Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is more of an actor than a host, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't excel in the position. It would be a real treat to see the honest and perky comic trying something new.


Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch hosted the Emmys in 2011 because as they explained in the show's opening she was the "most logical" candidate. If she was the most logical choice six years ago, she's still it. Bring on more Lynch!


Wanda Sykes

Wanda Sykes dipped her toes into hosting the Emmys before when she joined a number of other hosts including Ellen DeGeneres, Jon Stewart, Bernie Mac, and quite a few others in 2003. I'd like to see the comedian give it another shot solo.


Gina Rodriguez

If you had the privlege of seeing Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez's performance on Lip Sync Battle, you know she's got the juice to be a fantastic Emmys host. She's maybe not the most obvious choice, but she would be a great one.


Ali Wong

Ali Wong has performed on comedic television shows like Are You There, Chelsea? and Inside Amy Schumer, as well asthe medical drama Black Box. She's also got a ridiculously funny Netflix special titled Baby Cobra and works as a writer on Fresh off the Boat. Someone who's involved in that many facets of television is the perfect candidate for a night praising television.


Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is no stranger to hosting having led both the MTV Movie Awards, as well as guest-hosting Saturday Night Live in 2015. Schumer told E! at the 2015 Emmys that she would never host that specific awards show, never say never, right?


Leslie Jones

No one does enthusiasm quite like SNL's Leslie Jones. Not just anybody gets sent to the Rio Olympics by NBC simply because due to the unbridled joy of their tweets. It would be a pleasure to see that degree of enthusiasm on an awards show stage.


Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell's got the sort of grace and poise a host needs with the ultimate sass of her character in Veronica Mars thrown in. She'd make a wonderful host.