19 Pool Floats You Can Buy At Urban Outfitters Right Now

by Megan Grant
Urban Outfitters

Pool season is almost here. You know what that means: strange tan lines, 24/7 sweating, and these 19 pool floats you can buy at Urban Outfitters right now, because what else were you planning on doing with your tax refund — put it in savings? Bah!

Sometime in the not-too-distant past, we decided that pool floats are no longer purely functional items. No more is the goal simply to float. One must float on something completely amazing, albeit slightly ridiculous — like a corgi, a pink convertible, or a bag of potato chips. And every year, the floats get more Instagram-worthy.

This season, Urban Outfitters is seriously raising the bar with pool floats so epic, you're going to be calling in "sick" to work more than ever before just so you can spend more time lounging in the pool. Nobody's judging you here.

Last year's butterfly pool floats were nice and all, but they don't hold a candle to this year's selections. Layer on the SPF, slip into your favorite swimsuit, and grab some friends. Actually, you don't even need friends, because you can just buy this "inflatable pool hunk" pool float instead. Then, head over to Urban Outfitter's website and check out these 19 pool floats, so you can be extra #fancy once summer rolls around.