An “Inflatable Pool Hunk” Pool Float Exists & He’s Your Ultimate Summer Wingman

If you’ve lately found yourself thinking, “Gee, you know what my warm weather plans are still missing? A ridiculous, inflatable, person-shaped pool float to support me in all my summer endeavors,” have I got news for you: The “Inflatable Hunk” pool float is here to fill that hole in your life. Made by an inflatable pool accessories company called Pop Fix, this shirtless, sunglasses-wearing dude will prop you up while you’re drifting around your favorite body of water and never once complain about it. What a charming fella!

Pop Fix seems to be a relatively young company; their very first Instagram post dates back to May 10, 2017 and reads:

“Introducing our 'Pop Fix' inflatables, which bring bright and bold entertainment to holidays, parties and celebrations. With inflatables large enough to stretch out and relax on (giant fried egg anyone?), blow up party games and a swim up bar, Pop Fix guarantees to provide fun in the sun all summer long!”

Their schtick is pool floats and other swimming paraphernalia that’s clearly meant to appeal to millennials and Gen Z-ers: Among their 15 offerings are a unicorn float, two emoji-inspired floats (including one in the shape of the iconic poop emoji), and a wide array of floating drink holders. They appear to be based in the UK, although their products are available on both Amazon UK and Amazon US.

And that, of course, is how the Inflatable Hunk Pool Ring, as he’s officially known, came to the public’s attention: Various media outlets that dish up viral news discovered its existence on Amazon and subsequently highlighted it in a few lighthearted writeups. And, well… here we are.

The obvious use — and, judging by the product copy, the intended use — of the Inflatable Hunk is as a stand-in for a summer fling for those who are interested in dudes: “Keep cool as you relax in his muscly arms,” the item’s description on Pop Fix’s website reads. “Lie back and admire the view.” He’s made of “sturdy rubber” and “inflates in seconds,” which, uh… well, I don’t really need to make any jokes about that phraseology, do I? The inuendo is clear. And, hey, your trusty Inflatable Hunk will even hold your drink for you! Isn’t that nice? He’s the perfect fling: Fun, comfortable, and you can deflate him when you’re done.

(I get the feeling Mrs. White would be very into the idea of an Inflatable Hunk.)

However, I’d like to propose an alternative function for the Inflatable Hunk: What if, instead of a fling, he was your summer wingperson? I mean, the product copy does also note that he’s “the ultimate pool buddy,” which — to me, at least — implies bestie status more than warm weather crush. Beyond that, though, consider this: If a wingperson is meant to facilitate a connection between you and a potential partner, the Inflatable Hunk is likely to accomplish that goal with flair. Regardless of your orientation, just think of what a conversation starter this particular pool float will be — and indeed, that’s one of the Inflatable Hunk’s defining features: According to Pop Fix’s “About Us” page, their floats are meant to “inflate in an instant to become a talking point around the pool or home.”

But hey, guess what? There is also more than one variety of Inflatable Hunk available. If the Pool Ring doesn’t quite suit you, there’s also a flat pool float you can stretch out on:

As Laura Beck at Cosmo put it, “LOOK HOW FLY HIS BROTHER IS, GIRL.”

What’s more — not unlike, say, the Hemsworths or the Skarsgards — there’s another brother, too. If you’re looking for someone a little more active, check out the Inflatable Hunk Ring Toss game:

Yes, it does involve throwing lifeguard rings onto the Inflatable Hunk’s air-pumped biceps.

Yes, it is ridiculous.

Is it regrettable than the Inflatable Hunk is currently only available in white dude form? In some respects, yes; if we’re making people-shaped pool accessories, there should probably be more than one variety available so as to suit a wider range of fling and/or wingperson needs and desires. Equal opportunity summer absurdity and all that. So, uh, consider that a note for the future, Pop Fix: More options, please!

In the meantime, the current Inflatable Hunk line will set you back around $15 per hunk. The pool ring version regretfully seems to be out of stock on both Amazon UK and Amazon US, while the flat float version is a little tough to come by (he’s, uh, a bit pricey from the only available seller) ; the Ring Toss Hunk is readily available, though, and you can sign up to be notified when the others return.

Hello, summer!