19 'Real Housewives’ Psychic & Medium Scenes, Ranked


No one does psychics like Bravo's Housewives, which is why it only seems necessary to rank the best Real Housewives psychic and medium moments. Over the years, most of the women at one point in time or another have sat down with someone claiming to be capable of predicting the future or connecting with an individual who has since passed. Their sessions have ranged from extremely emotional to pretty darn believable to beyond ridiculous, but mainly the latter.

No matter what the Housewives are doing, they can't escape the drama, even when it comes to a reading or a seance. Whether it's the psychic themselves (*cough* Allison Dubois *cough*) or one of the stars' skepticism or not being able to keep their mouths shut, every time the women have a reading, something bizarre happens — and thank goodness. These particular moments have made the franchise even more entertaining and enjoyable.

Now not everyone will agree with the following ranking, because Real Housewives fans certainly have their opinions. However, there's no arguing these 19 moments will go down in Bravo history. They're all memorable and will either make you laugh, cry, roll your eyes, or book your very own psychic reading.


Kathy & Rosie's Father

This is one of the more serious psychic readings. During Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5, a psychic delivered Kathy and Rosie Wakile a message from their late father. It was extremely emotional and the sisters, understandably, couldn't hold back tears. Their emotions were so raw, the reading most likely got to you, too.


Kyle & Her Mom's Hair

As Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans know, Kyle Richards loves her psychic, Rebecca Fearing. She clearly gets a lot of readings, because Kyle felt comfortable enough in Season 1 to bring along her late mother's ashes and a lock of her hair to Rebecca. She admitted it was a bit weird, but Rebecca is used to everything.


The First 'RHOBH' Seance

Before the epic Season 8 seance (more on that later), Kyle held her first seance in Season 2 with Rebecca. It wasn't nearly as exciting, but what made it interesting was how Lisa Vanderpump's grandmother was brought up. Yes, the same grandmother, Nanny Kay, LVP got mad at Kyle for not knowing in Berlin six seasons later. Hmm... Also, Allison DuBois was mentioned, but, don't worry, Camille Grammer handled it like a champ.


A "Devil" In Sonja's Midst

Leave it to Real Housewives of New York City's Sonja Morgan's tarot card reading to include something about a "devil". In Season 6, she sat down with medium Thomas John to "commune with her spirits on the other side". He told her something quite interesting: "There's one devil in your inner circle. It's actually a woman, more like a contemporary." He also said she was "brunette". The "devil in disguise"? Well, it seemed to be Luann de Lesseps.


Vicki's "Median"

In Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10, Vicki Gunvalson, her brother, Billy, Brooks Ayers, Tamra Judge, and Shannon Beador spoke with medium Tim Braun in hopes of connecting with the OG of the OC's late mother. He definitely said some statements that shocked Vicki and Billy.

However, what made this session all the more entertaining is what happened before meeting with Tim. Vicki expressed to Shannon how she wanted to hire a medium. But, instead of saying "medium", Vicki kept saying "median". It was hilarious.


LVP Is Her Mom?

Rebecca can't stay away from RHOBH. In Season 1, Kyle wanted her to speak with LVP, and, well, she had some unbelievable things to say. First, she spoke about the Vanderpump Rules star's mother and said: "In a past life, I want to tell you something, you were her mother." As in, her own grandmother.

Next to she went onto say how LVP has a "pink energy". OK, well, that's pretty accurate. Kyle even mentioned how Lisa's nickname is "Pinky". Huh? What? Why doesn't anyone call her that?


Teresa Meets James Van Praagh

In Season 6 of RHONJ, Dina Manzo and Teresa Giudice met with the James Van Praagh. He made some eerie predictions, like telling Teresa she would be moving. Could he have been referring to her going to prison? But, at one point, he said he didn't see her in jail, which was obviously wrong.

James also asked if Joe Giudice's father had died. He was still alive at this point, but sadly his dad died in June 2014, not long after this reading. If that isn't enough, he said he could see Joe serving time in prison. So, yeah, he definitely hit the nail on the head about certain things.


Mystic Michaela

Oh, Mystic Michaela. She was introduced in Season 12 by Meghan King Edmonds. Unlike the typical psychics and mediums who appear on Housewives, Michaela reads auras. She told the women they were surrounded by different colors, which didn't make a whole lot of sense, because she didn't really explain herself.

And unfortunately for Michaela, the evening turned into less about her seeing colors and more about Peggy Sulahian and Shannon Beador fighting — again. Peggy even had the nerve to ask Shannon, "Do you trust your husband?" How many different colors do you think Michaela was seeing by the end of the night?


Teresa & Joe's Mom

RHONJ Season 8 focused heavily on the death of Teresa and Joe Gorga's mother. They even met with medium Concetta, who blew the siblings away with her reading. She appeared to be very accurate. For example, Concetta told Joe his mother was "playing" a song for her. It was "Mama" by Connie Francis, the song Joe and his mom danced to at his wedding.

This reading was also beyond emotional, especially since their mother's passing was still so fresh and so raw. It was nice to see Concetta give them some peace of mind.


Jaws Drop In Potomac

In Real Housewives of Potomac Season 3, Robyn and Juan Dixon sat down with a medium named Justin who was beyond accurate and literally shocked both of them so much their mouths kept dropping open. He knew names, details, and information it was unbelievable. Juan even kept repeating, "Oh, my God!"

Nothing ridiculous or over-the-top happened during the reading, like some of the other Housewives psychic moments, but the fact that Justin was able to make both Robyn and Juan believers was pretty amazing to watch.


This Accurate 'RHONY' Reading

Do you remember in Season 7 when Carole Radziwill, Dorinda Medley, and Heather Thomson met with a psychic, Viktoria Ballavoski/Sema, who reads coffee grounds? She blew all three women away with her accurate readings. It was mind-boggling how much she knew. She was spot on with everything she said. This seriously might be the most realistic reading in Housewives history — so far.


Dorinda & The Johns

In Season 8, the women gathered at Carole's apartment to meet with Kim Russo, the Happy Medium. It was Dorinda's reading that stood out, especially thanks to Ramona Singer, who walked into the session late. While Russo told Dorinda all about the different Johns in her life (how does she know so many Johns?), her ex-husband Richard Medley showed up and expressed his concerns if Dorinda should ever marry John Mahdessian, per the Happy Medium.

It only got more awkward from there when the psychic said she probably won't get married again and definitely not to John. Enter Ramona, who declared, "Thank God." Ramona, shhhh.


'RHOD's Pet Psychic

Yes, the Real Housewives of Dallas a had pet psychic. Housewife D'Andra Simmons wanted pet psychic Sandra to speak to her dogs, Gypsy and Dixie. The session quickly turned from a dog reading into D'Andra thinking about her mom. Their relationship was a big focus in Season 2, so when Sandra started talking about how Gypsy never felt connected to her own mother, it hit home for D'Andra. See? Pet psychics can work wonders, too.


Welcome To The Elephant Room

All NeNe Leakes wanted to do was address all of the elephants in the room, but, of course, the Real Housewives of Atlanta session with medium Mbele didn't go as planned. No one was prepared for Mbele. She opened up by saying, "If there are any secrets that need to be shared, I'm gonna tell 'em." She wasn't kidding, either. Mbele wasn't there to deal with any Housewives drama. She even went head to head with Kim Zolciak-Biermann.

At one point, Mbele said about Kim, "'Dixie cup’ here is going to help us out, I guess." To that, the Don't Be Tardy star responded, "I don’t believe anybody who’s guided by a higher power would talk sh*t like that." Kim then said she was "from a higher power" herself. Yeah, the elephant room was more like the shade room.


Kim & Ghosts & Portals, Oh My!

Kim Richards brought a lot of entertainment to RHOBH. In Season 3, Episode 10, she met with Rebecca, her sister Kyle's psychic, who had some interesting things to say about Kim's house. Apparently, there were ghosts in Kim's house and they were the spirits of her future grandchildren. If that isn't enough, Rebecca said Kim's fireplace was acting as a "portal" to the "other side", because Kim kept seeing hearts.

Kim's reaction to all of this? "As long as no crazy guy comes flying through the fireplace and like, 'Ah! Get out!'"


The Second 'RHOBH' Seance

The Season 8 RHOBH seance is unforgettable. First, Dorit Kemsley kept reacting to anything Rebecca said by literally dropping her mouth in shock. Next, Rebecca talked about LVP's two dogs who recently died... but then admitted she saw it on Twitter. Then, there was the whole moment of Erika Jayne's past life as a Spanish prince living in the bottom of a ship. WHAT?!


Ramona's Awkward Palm Reading

Oof. This was one of the more uncomfortable RHONY moments. The ladies traveled to Morocco in Season 4 and met with a fortune teller. Well, the psychic told Ramona (via Luann's interpretation): "You think of your husband, but there's another woman". Ramona didn't believe it, but everyone else was very upset. Well, fans know how all that sadly turned out. The fortune teller wasn't wrong about Mario Singer, now was she?



RHOC Season 10 will forever go down in history as the season Tamra's psychic, Scott Cruz, said he didn't see Brooks Ayers as having cancer. His exact words were: "I don't know, here's the thing, maybe I'm picking up on the energy of people who think about that, but I have a wishy washy perspective on that. I just don't see it."

The ladies took this as Brooks not having cancer and ran with it. Meghan even investigated Brooks. As fans know, it turned into a long and tiring ordeal. In November 2015, Ayers stuck by his cancer diagnosis, but admitted to E! News he faked certain medical documents about his alleged cancer battle.


The Dinner Party From Hell

So far, no psychic reading has ever beat RHOBH's Season 1 "dinner party from hell". Camille Grammer hosted all of the women at her house and invited famous medium Allison DuBois.

Well, she wasn't anything like Patricia Arquette's version of Allison in Medium. DuBois surprised everyone with her electronic cigarette and throwing so much shade. She even told Kyle her husband, Mauricio Umansky, would "never emotionally fulfill" her. It was a horrific evening and all of the women ended up storming out. But, hey, at least DuBois had a great time puffing away and drinking Camille's alcohol.

Only the Housewives are able to make psychic readings this entertaining. So, who's ready to book their next reading?