23 Movies & Shows Coming To Netflix This Week To Help You Beat The Summer Heat


Summer is in full swing, which means in many parts of the country it's too damn hot to go outside. It's much more comfortable — and safer — to sit in an air-conditioned room watching TV, and there are loads of movies and shows coming to Netflix this week that make that scenario even more appealing. For the first week of July, the streaming giant is going back to basics by offering a ton of classic movies in lieu of a bunch of originals. This is great for nostalgic purposes, but what about Netflix fans who look forward to the site's own creations? Not to worry, as this week also sees the return of Netflix's biggest original series: Stranger Things.

The third season of the '80s-set sci-fi series kicks off on July 4th, coinciding with the summer of '85 setting for the new episodes. All of your favorite characters are returning, along with a few new additions that promise to bring heightened levels of fun and terror to the series. As for the plot, season 3 will see the Upside Down come to Hawkins in a bigger way than ever before. There's also a new mall in town, and a carnival, making this season all about '80s summer fun — and avoiding terrifying monsters.

In addition to the new Stranger Things, there are also a bunch of classic and cult classic films hitting Netflix this week, so take a look below to see the best of what's new.


'Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore' - July 1

In 1974, director Martin Scorsese was still figuring out his style, which explains this rom-com that earned star Ellen Burstyn a Best Actress Oscar.


'Caddyshack' - July 1

Often cited as one of the greatest comedies ever made, this 1980 classic features an ensemble cast led by Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, and Rodney Dangerfield.


'Cloverfield' - July 1

One of the films that helped popularize the found footage horror genre, this monster movie may just give you an irrational fear of New York City.


'Lady In The Water' - July 1

One of M. Night Shyamalan's stranger films — and that's saying something.


'Little Monsters' - July 1

It's a family affair in this '80s fantasy comedy that stars real life brothers Fred and Ben Savage along with Daniel Stern, who narrated The Wonder Years as the adult version of Fred Savage's character.


'Mean Streets' - July 1

This 1973 crime drama marked the first time director Martin Scorsese and actor Robert De Niro worked together.


'Megamind' - July 1

Let's hear it for the bad guys! Will Ferrell voices a diabolical villain in this fun subversion of superhero movies.


'Nights In Rodanthe' - July 1

It's a Nicholas Sparks adaptation starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane, so calling this movie a "romance" would be a massive understatement.


'Philadelphia' - July 1

Tom Hanks won the first of his two consecutive Best Actor Academy Awards for his role as AIDS patient Andrew Beckett in this drama.


'Race To Witch Mountain' - July 1

Before the Rock was one of the world's biggest movie stars, he headlined this family-friendly Disney remake about a pair of alien children.


'Rain Man' - July 1

It's hard to quantify just how big this movie was. It was the highest-grossing film released in 1988 and also won four Oscars, including Best Picture.


'Road House' - July 1

This cult classic stars the late Patrick Swayze as a no-nonsense bouncer who becomes the defender of a small town (and rips out at least one guy's throat).


'Scream 3' - July 1

The third installment of this classic horror franchise leans far more heavily into satire than its predecessors.


'Starsky & Hutch' - July 1

Part of the early-2000s "Frat Pack" group of comedy films, this Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson pairing holds up better than you'd think.


'Swiped' - July 1

It's a movie on Netflix starring Noah Centineo, so yeah, people are going to watch it.


'Taxi Driver' - July 1

Another Scorsese/De Niro classic, this 1978 drama also earned Jodie Foster her first Academy Award nomination.


'The American' - July 1

George Clooney stars as a hitman in this 2010 thriller.


'The Book Of Eli' - July 1

Denzel Washington is as cool as can be in this stylish post-apocalyptic adventure.


'The Brothers Grimm' - July 1

The late Heath Ledger teamed with Matt Damon as the eponymous collectors of fairy tales who end up finding more than they bargained for in this fantasy.


'The Hangover' - July 1

The now-classic comedy turns 10 years old this year, so what better way to celebrate than by watching it again?


'The Pink Panther' - July 1

Steve Martin stars as Inspector Clouseau in this remake of the Peter Sellers original.


'Stranger Things': Season 3 - July 4

Who needs fireworks? This is what you'll be doing this Independence Day.

Netflix is starting July off on the right foot, which is good because you're going to need some quality programming while trying to beat the heat.