26 Things For People Who Love Cheese

To brie or not to brie? That is the question. Actually, there is no question, because the answer is always... cheese. The Center for Science in the Public Interest says we're eating 23 pounds of cheese a year, once again proving that America is the greatest country on earth. If you want to revel in all the cheesiness life has to offer, you'll want to take a look at these 26 items for people who love cheese.

One would like to believe that our cheese obsession has already hit its apex, but methinks we'll continue finding ways to outdo ourselves. Just look at the "Ultimate Cheeseburger," made of nine different cheeses. Note: It does not *include* nine different cheeses. It's *made* of nine different cheeses.

Then we got sick of regular grilled cheese (not sure how that's possible), and we had ~rainbow~ grilled cheese, made colorful with ingredients like basil and lavender, because who cares how awful it tastes as long as it's Instagram-worthy?

Then our obsession started infiltrating the wedding industry and someone had the idea to make cheese wedding cakes — much more sensible than Harry and Meghan's lemon and elderflower cake, if you ask me.

It's always a good time to celebrate cheese. If your body can digest dairy and nothing makes you happier than a fresh brick of muenster, these 26 cheesy items are for you.


Cheese lover, holey cheese - PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets


Where has this been all our lives? You're not a true cheese lover until you have a cheesy PopSocket.

2Cheesemaking Kit

Italian Cheesemaking Kit

Uncommon Goods

All you have to do is add milk and you have all the makings for 10 different kinds of Italian cheese.

32019 Weekly Planner

I'm Pretty Sure My Birthstone is Made of Cheese: 2019 Weekly Planner for Cheese Lovers


Have the cheesiest 2019 possible with this dairy-ific weekly planner.

4Raclette Grill

5Travel Coffee Mug

Funny Novelty Gift For Food Lover


Ditch your plain, boring, ordinary travel coffee mug for *this* spectacular gem.

6Fondue Maker For Two

Fondue For Two

Uncommon Goods

To be clear, no one will judge you if you eat it all by yourself. Making a meal out of melted cheese? Totally appropriate.


Cheese is My BAE Perfect for Cheese Lovers - Mini Notepad


Jot down all of your important thoughts and feelings about cheese on this handy notepad. A work of art, I tell you.

8Cheese Vault

Moisture Wicking Cheese Vault

Uncommon Goods

Keep your cheese delicious and mold-free.


It's All Gouda But Could Brie Better Cheese Lover Mug


LOLZ! Cheese puns! Your morning cuppa joe is going to be hilariously cheesy.

10Cheese Huggers

Butter & Cheese Huggers

Uncommon Goods

Never again will the open end of your cheese get all hard and crusty.


NEONBLOND Keychain Queso Lover Swiss Cheese


Listen, if you've got a picture of your children and your dog on your keyring, shouldn't there be something dedicated to cheese? That's what I thought.

12Cutting Board

Cheese Degrees Cutting Board

Uncommon Goods

You're going to have the most precisely cut cheese in the neighborhood.


The Cheese Lovers Cookbook


This cookbook contains more than 90 recipes all catered to cheese lovers. Heaven!

14Wine Markers

Cheese Wine Markers Set Of 6

World Market

These might just be the cutest things you've ever seen.


Cheese Marker Gift Set of 4 Cheese Labels & 2 Chalk Markers


Never again will you mix up the parmesan and brie. Crisis averted.

16Holiday Ornament

'Cheese Stack' Handblown Glass Ornament


'Tis the season for all the cheese, fa la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la!



19Pairing Swatchbook

Max McCalman's Wine and Cheese Pairing Swatchbook


Ugh, the pain of trying to figure out which wine goes best with what cheese. Say no more, fam.


Macaroni & Cheese Bandages

Perpetual Kid

There's no better way to protect a fresh boo-boo than a cheesy bandage.

21Grilled Cheese Sandwich Toaster

Nostalgia TCS2 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Toaster


Dreams really do come true. Making grilled cheese has never been this easy. Your friends are going to be so impressed.


Fred SWISS DISH Cheese Slice Party Plates, Set of 4


Boring paper plates be damned! These swiss cheese plates will give you life.

23Wine Glass

Sweet dreams are made of cheese stemless wine glass


Sip on your favorite wine while you nibble on cheese with this exceptionally classy wine glass. Get it from WittyAndWineyDesign on Etsy.


Cheese Lover Pencil Set


You should always have a writing tool on you. Might as well make it a cheesy one. ThePoshShopCo sells these on Etsy.

25Macaroni And Cheese Soap

Macaroni and Cheese Soap


Looks so good you could almost eat it, right? (Don't.) Get a bar from sweetsoaptreat on Etsy.

26Macaroni And Cheese Candle

Mac & Cheese gift


To you, it might be a gag gift. To a cheese lover, it'll be the best gift ever. EastEdenCandles has them available on Etsy.