Only These Dogs At Polling Stations Can Relieve Your Election Day Anxiety Now

by Aoife Hanna
Richard Baker/In Pictures/Getty Images

It's fair to say that history, especially in recent years, has proven that politicians often act like animals. Sadly, however, not the kinds people like to keep as pets. These photos of dogs at polling stations, where they're behaving like good boys and girls, proves what many of us have long known: dogs are superior creatures in comparison to even the finest among us.

During stressful and tense times, it's important to look to dogs. Dogs are chill and happy, excited about the simple things, ever hopeful. Steering clear of election coverage is pretty tough work. Or finding any that's on the light hearted style is, in essence, impossible. As tempers and passions flare, take some comfort in the fact that one cute thing trending is dogs accompanying their owners to the polling stations. Yes, many owners are making voting a part of their daily constitutional. Or as little Fido knows it, walkies.

Doggies don't care if leave means leave. They aren't fooled by messy hairstyles nor do they judge them. Those little beasts are no BS. If they don't like you, you know about it. If they love you, they'll lick your face and maybe even try and hump your leg. OK maybe I don't want a dog for Prime Minister.

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