5 Best Podcasts About UK True Crime That You Should Be Listening To In 2019

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One of the most popular podcasts to take the world by storm was undoubtedly Serial, an investigative crime series looking into the death of a Baltimore teen. Since then, true crime podcasts have become increasingly popular, including podcasts that focus on UK true crime.

Our love of podcasts has blown up in recent years, with Ofcom stating that podcast listening has from 3.2 million in 2013 to 5.9 million in 2018.

And, alongside this increased interest in podcasts has come an increased interest in the true crime genre. From Netflix documentaries like Making A Murder and Abducted In Plain Sight to the BBC's Life On Death Row, audience interests are tuning to spooky real-life crimes.

If you want to find out more about the criminal justice system, analyse the motives of murderers, or just listen to some incredible storytelling, but don't have the time for a TV marathon, then podcasts are the perfect option. Pop in your earphones during the commute or while you're cleaning the house, and off you go.

These five podcasts focus on crimes that have taken place in the UK, from a murder on a Scottish family's doorstep to one of the most famous missing person cases in UK history. These shows are sure to have you totally engrossed, a little terrified, and completely astounded.

It's time to start downloading.

1. Shreds: Murder In The Dock - BBC Sounds

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Shreds: Murder In The Dock by the BBC is an investigative podcast about Lynette White, a young woman who was murdered on Valentine's Day in Cardiff back in 1988, the BBC reports. Described in the podcast as "one of the biggest and most enduring scandals in UK criminal history," Lynette's murder, and the subsequent investigation into it, shocked the nation. Now Shreds will delve into what exactly happened, and how it came to be that a group of black men (known as The Cardiff Five) were arrested for a crime originally believed to be committed by one white man.

2. They Walk Among Us

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Now on its third season, They Walk Among Us is the award-winning true crime drama documenting a wide range of UK criminal cases. Hosted by Benjamin Fitton, this podcast is perfect for true crime fans that want to be taken through an in-depth look into British cases in a measured, no-frills way.

3. The Doorstep Murder

The Doorstep Murder, is a six-part podcast that looks into the untimely death of Alistair Wilson, which is said to be "one of Scotland's most baffling unsolved cases." Presented by Fiona Walker, it follows the murder of the father of two, who was gunned down on his doorstep back in 2014 in the highland town of Nairn.

4. S'Laughter

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Crime podcasts can get a bit draining at times, so S'laughter puts a slightly funnier twist on the genre. Lucy and Emma tell each other true crime stories and then put their own comedic interjections into the show along the way. So, for those of you that want the engrossing crime stories but with a bit of light relief, then this one's for you.

5. Maddie

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Maddie is a podcast series that explores the 2003 disappearance of Madeleine Mccann. Since the eight-part Netflix docu-series, The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, there's been a new interest in the case. If you're still interested in this story, Maddie is definitely worth a listen.