5 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Lives May Face Trouble In April

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Mercury retrograde is happening right now — no wonder your life may feel off, right? As Mercury zooms past the Earth, it creates a lot of havoc in some people’s lives, including their love lives: They may feel unbalanced right now, too. Luckily, this retrograde ends on April 15. But meanwhile, some astrological signs will have it rougher than others as far as the romantic aspects of their lives are concerned. Yes, there are some zodiac signs whose love lives may face difficulty in April.

“As with anything Mercury Retrograde-related, it’s always a good time for getting clear about what we’re doing, what we’re saying, and where we’re going," Mecca Woods, a New York City-based astrologer of, tells Bustle. "This is a time for making sure we’re on the same page when it comes to matters of the heart.” So, when it comes to relationships and dating, communication wires may get crossed, and Mercury Retrograde is a good time to be more mindful of how we communicate. While some people have heart-to-heart talks during this time, others go on dates to bring them closer during Mercury Retrograde. Of course, you can do both.

However, some astrological signs *do* need to be more cautious this month than others, and here are some whose love lives may face difficulty.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)
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If you’re an Aquarius, it’s likely that you’ve felt the shift in communication lately, particularly in your romantic relationship. “Emails, phone calls, and text messages will come in faster than usual, but they’ll be messed up with retrograde’s energy during this time, so don’t react immediately,” Jaye at tells Bustle. Good point, right?

Aries (March 21-April 19)
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Do you ever say something that you later regret — it just came out wrong? Well, that’s the theme of Aries signs this month, especially in the love department. “Aries might be having issues with love because they may be feeling like they’re saying all the wrong things and turning people off," Woods says. Again, being aware of this is key.

Jaye agrees with Woods. “Aries (Sun, Moon, & Rising) will feel this retrograde the most, especially at work romances,” she tells Bustle. “Your active mind could feel anxious because your natural inclination is to move forward, but these retrograde energies are designed to slow you down (and there’s hell to pay when something tries to slow down an Aries!).” Jaye suggests that you shouldn’t fight it. Instead, you should think about what you want to contribute to the world and revisit your old plans. “

If limiting thoughts or beliefs come up, find the space inside of the feeling and let it help you discover a new approach to old problems,” she says. “It will be extra important to meditate, take breaks, rest, and recuperate so you so don’t burn out.”

Libra (September 23-October 22)
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Libras, your love life may have some difficulty this month. "Mercury Retrograde is hitting Libra’s partnership zone," Woods says. Plus, ex-lovers may crop up. That’s always fun! But aside from exes, current relationships may be affected, too.

“Libra could have issues in their significant relationship that may be fueled by miscommunication,” Woods says.

Linda Joyce, Relationship Expert and Astrologer, also feels that communication issues can be problematic since Libras are going through a lot of changes at this time, she tells Bustle. “Libras hate confrontation, and they often prefer to hide a problem under the rug,” she says. “However, this problem will not go away. There is a necessity for certain areas of one’s life to transform, and if change doesn’t happen, it won’t work.”

If you are in a long-term relationship, this Mercury Retrograde can affect you, too, whether they’re romantic, business, and/or family, Jaye says. “There could be difficult conversations that you’re going to have, and while it may be uncomfortable, remember that ‘the truth shall set you free,’” she says. “If you are the person who needs to initiate the conversation, take time beforehand and get introspective about how you can best communicate the changes that need to take place. If someone needs to express something to you, be sure to listen and hear (two very different things) what they have to say, and move forward to improve your connection.”

In addition, family obligations may also get in the way of romantic relationships, Linda Furiate, a consulting Astrologer, Healthy Habits Expert, Reiki I&II, Inspirational Guide, and the founder of Of Universal Mind, tells Bustle. “Libra may need to attend to family obligations at home that leaves little time for romance,” she says. “As a result, a partner may suddenly change his or her mind on where the relationship is headed.”

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
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Sagittarians are known for their fun, fiery, and spontaneous spirits, yet they need to be careful this month. “Sagittarius might meet potential lovers that might fizzle out quickly or prove to be flaky,” Woods says. Like with Libras, ex-lovers may appear, too, Woods says.

Capricorns (December 22-January 19)
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Capricorns are also under intense scrutiny now, Joyce says. “Because they have Pluto and Saturn in their sign and Mars joins them just for this month, this will make them almost impossible to reach or to cope with,” she says. “Whether it is because of business or a personal issue, they are under siege, so they are not open to discussing whatever has to be done.” If you have been in the relationship for a while, Joyce suggests waiting it out.

“Mars will leave by next month but Saturn and Pluto will still be there,” she says. “Capricorns are going through a transformation and it’s very personal — there is not much you can do except give your Capricorn a lot of space. If you can do that, then of course the relationship can work. If you can’t, then someone will move on.”

Furiate also believes that Capricorn may feel pulled in two directions. “The well-being of a family member may spark the desire for Capricorn to attend to their own needs that may not include time for a personal relationship,” she says.

If you are one of the signs above, perhaps you resonated with what the astrologers said. “Remember, Mercury is the planet associated with three main themes in our lives — communications, technology, travel,” Jaye says. “Since this Mercury Retrograde is in Aries, the sign of action and the assertive self, people will be putting their own priorities first before their love lives during this transit. During this retrograde, other people’s motivations could seem selfish, so if that comes up, just remember it’s retrograde and people aren’t exactly themselves.”

Plus, it’ll be over before you know it (April 15), and the way you approach and communicate now in your romantic relationship will be good practice for the future, even during non-retrograde months.