6 October New Moon Rituals To Help You Manifest Positive Change

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The new moon in Libra is happening on Oct. 8, and it's going to be bringing some magical, transformational energy to all zodiac signs, so get ready for it! New moons in Libra are a perfect time for manifestation rituals pertaining to balance, partnerships (business or romantic), justice or legal matters, and anything related to your artistic talent. And for any ritual you choose on a new moon, you'll want to focus on growth and new beginnings, since the new moon marks the beginning of a brand-new lunar cycle. The lunar energy that we're being served for the dark moon is all about growing seeds that we've metaphorically planted, so that's what most October 2018 new moon rituals are going to vibe on.

October's new moon is going to have a heavy focus on deep transformation. Many people are likely to begin questioning their path, whether that's a relationship, career, or even our ideology. Venus, Libra's ruling planet, will also have just begun its retrograde period, meaning that the path to our transformation will likely be riddled with confusion. Thus, it's an important time to focus on listening to your inner truth for clarity on matters that indecisive Libra and retrograding-Venus may make convoluted.

Before any ritual, you'll want to prepare a sacred space in whatever way feels best for you. If you want to do cast a more traditional, Wiccan-inspired circle of protection, there are lots of instructions online on how to do so (here's one easy way!). If you're simply following your own personal spiritual practice, do whatever feels right — perhaps just clearing out a quiet, private space where you can have some peace and lighting some incense will do the trick. Just make sure whatever you choose symbolizes a sacred space for you that separates your ritual time from the everyday mundane. It'll help you to really focus on your ritual of choice and connect with the lunar magic without distraction.

Here are six magical, fun, and witchy rituals for you to try out during October's new moon in Libra that will help you connect to the moon's energy, set some fresh intentions, and navigate the confusing vibes that come hand-in-hand with Venus' current retrograde. These are designed to be done on the day or night of the new moon, but the energy of the moon is powerful in the couple days before and after it, too, so plan a time that works for you.

New Moon In Libra Crystal Meditation Ritual

Crystals always go hand-in-hand with the magic of the moon's energy (at least in my practice!), so grab your most relevant Libra stones and find a moment of calm for a new moon meditation and crystal-charging session.

What you'll need: crystals relating to Libra or it's ruling planet Venus; a quiet and comfortable space to meditate.

What to do: For this ritual, you're going to want to charge your crystals with your intentions for this new moon in all the areas that fall under Libra's jurisdiction. It's also important to note that Venus, Libra's ruling planet, will be in retrograde during this moon, so it may be important to place some extra focus on Venusian matters such as romantic relationships spending money, and beauty or aesthetics.

Grab your crystals (stones like rose quartz, jade, or emeralds are great for this) and either lay them out in front of you, hold them, or place them on yourself. Sit comfortably and get ready to meditate with the help of the crystals' energy! On its site, The Hood Witch describes a meditation for a Libra new moon and instructs the following: "Sitting in silence, invite the energies of beauty, harmony, and equilibrium into your body. Only in this way can we walk the middle path." Focus on these energies and imagine them as beams of light flowing into you. Allow your mind to wander, but if you find yourself lost in thought, center yourself back to the "middle path," using harmony and balance as your meditation guide.

Simple Path-Clearing Candle Ritual

Given that right now is a time of transformation with potential to cause a total upheaval in your life and belief system, this new moon is the perfect time clear your path of any energetic blocks to ensure that you're open to receiving some ~cosmic guidance~ on your next steps.

What you'll need: A white candle; sage or palo santo; essential oils and/or candle-carving tools (optional).

What to do: Start with a white candle, which represents clarity. If you have a candle in a jar, feel free to anoint it with a purifying essential oil, such as frankincense (which is great for meditation and spiritual purification) or elemi (which is perfect for new beginnings and rebirth). If you're able to, carve the zodiac symbol for Libra (♎) into your candle to represent the enregy of this moon. Now, light your candle in a safe place.

Next, get out your palo santo or sage and light it, allowing the cleansing smoke to circle around you. Imagine it clearing out your energy field and removing any spiritual blockages or toxic energies that you may be carrying. Allow the candle to safely burn out (or use sage to re-cleanse yourself each time you re-light it, if you must blow it out). Now, bask in the glow of energetic clarity and allow yourself to be open to your heart and inner voice.

Affirmation Ritual For The Libra New Moon

The new moon is the perfect time set fresh intentions, and House Of Intuition describes a ritual that's perfect for a Libra new moon on their site that involves intention-setting and affirmations. This ritual is inspired by it.

What you'll need: A white candle; pen and paper; a ceramic/fire-safe bowl or foil tray.

What to do: On a piece of paper, write down a list of personal intentions that relate to partnerships, balancing out any imbalances in your life, creative and artistic endeavors, or any sort of legal matters, and phrase them as affirmations. "Whatever your intention is for the New Moon, write it down as if it’s a fact in the present tense, rather than writing as a wish or a desire," explains House Of Intuition. Once your list is written out in full, light your candle in the bowl or on the foil tray. Really spend some time meditating on these affirmations. Say them out loud — it's awkward, I know, but repeat them until you really believe them to be true. This is key! You've got to believe for the magic to work for you.

Once you've written out your intentions, you're going to burn them — this is a way to symbolically "release" them into the universe to become a reality, woo! As described by House Of Intuition, "[C]ast the spell by burning the paper in the candle’s flame. ... Observe the burning paper carefully. Often, an answer, sign, or insight comes to us through the dancing flames." Spend some time meditating on the power of the flame and imagine your intentions infusing with reality to ensure their presence in your future. Allow your candle to burn until it's finished (or, if you have to blow it out for safety, re-focus on your intentions each time you re-light in until it's burned out).

Beauty Potion & Bath Ritual

Venus: Ruler of all-things-beautiful and also of Libra, which is where both the moon and sun will be during October's new moon. Pay homage to the Goddess of love and this aesthetic-loving sign with a fun new moon beauty ritual.

What you'll need: Ingredients for a beauty potion or tea of your choice (optional); dried roses and/or rose essential oil; a pearl.

What to do: First thing's first — if you're making yourself a little magickal beauty potion or tea, do that now! Once your potion is ready or your hot cup of ~magickal tea~ is brewed, draw yourself a hot bath. Add epsom salts for cleansing purposes, and then add in the dried rose petals, which represent love and beauty. If you have rose essential oil, add that as well (this gives your bath aromatherapy benefits, too!). Allow the petals and oils to steep in the hot water, then get in the bath, along with your single pearl.

Now you can start your beauty ritual. According to site Magical Potions And Rituals, hold the pearl in your hand and chant the following spell aloud: "Beauty lies so deep within me / Like a pearl enclosed in pain. / Lift the lid and see the light / And join the world of love again. / See it sparkle, see it shine. / As I will, it will be mine." Focus on letting your inner beauty shine through and allow yourself to enjoy the moment of peace and self-care that you deserve!

Vision Board Creativity Ritual

Libra is gifted with the aesthetic sense, and this new moon is perfect for any manifestations related to art or creativity. What better way to manifest your intentions than by putting your creativity to use and making a vision board collage?

What you'll need: Books, magazines, or photos you can cut up; scissors, glue, and paper; a candle in any color.

What to do: Get ready to have some magickal, creative fun! Making a vision board is a great way to focus on your desires and what you want to manifest in your life or in the world — and you can easily turn this practice into a ritual. Begin by lighting your candle as a symbolic gesture of the ritual's start. Then write down a list of what you'd like to manifest when it comes to Libra's territory and start looking through your magazines, books, or photographs, cutting out any images that speak to you or symbolically represent the things you're striving for and welcoming into your life during this moon.

Once you have your collage pieces, arrange and glue them down on a piece of paper or card stock. Display the collage on your altar or in a visible spot in your home where you'll see it frequently. Each time you do, focus on the intentions you set and their visual representations, and check in with yourself to track what work you've done to accomplish your goals and what more needs to be done.

Libra New Moon Alchemical Ritual

This Libra new moon is bringing on transformation for everyone, so drawing on the sign's knack for balance is key. This ritual is based on a great Libra new moon ritual on yoga doctor Alanna Kaivalya's website.

What you'll need: Magickal tools or crystals of your choosing;

What to do: Once you cast your circle (or cleanse your sacred space however you feel comfortable), bring in crystals, talismans, or any other magickal tools you have that can support you during this moon. "Anything green or copper can aid in bringing in Venusian energy," advised Kaivalya. Light some candles or burn some cleansing sage to set the mood. Once you're feeling clear-minded, Kaivalya instructed the following, "Spend a few moments in quiet contemplation on the desires within you that most need to be met. Visualize what the manifestation of these desires feels like … [R]ather than try and force a certain outcome, get into the state of being that the outcome generates." Focus on the feelings these visualization bring to you. Try not to force anything — just allow what comes to come (this is a great way to practice listening to your inner-voice and guidance!).

When you're ready, chant the following invocation aloud, as instructed by Kaivalya: "May the energy of Libra, Venus, and this New Moon manifest my most potent desires." Once you're through, try to clear your mind and see what messages come through. Are you getting any specific images, thoughts, or feelings that continually come up? Write them down, then try to meditate on them and integrate the messages into your life over the next lunar cycle.