6 Uber Drivers Share Love Advice After Seeing Just About Everything There Is To See

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If there's one group of people who have definitely seen it all, it's Uber drivers. They see the good, bad, and the cute, and the ugly of humanity, and many of them have to put up with far more than they should. But does witnessing occasional intimate exchanges, unguarded moments, and relationships of all kinds give them a special perspective? This year, just in time for Valentine's Day, you can get love advice from Uber drivers themselves — because they have certainly seen it all (and I'm not just talking about me trying to drunk-eat the french fries I've hidden in my inside pocket).

Now, it's important to note that they are not trained relationship experts of any kind — nor do they consider themselves to be. These drivers haven't gone around meddling in relationships, they've only given advice in this instance because they were asked. Their wisdom comes from the fact that they've been able to see all sorts of relationship from a very up-close-and-personal point of view. They've seen people in the throes of a breakup and in the early stages of romance — they've seen communication go awry and people hoping to make up. From drunken spats to romance blossoming, there's a lot that you can learn from being around two people working out their relationship. So what have the Uber drivers learned from their time behind the wheel? Here's what they had to say.


Ann — St. Louis, MI

“I would say the romantic problem I see most often is lack of communication and honesty within a relationship. My advice would be to attack all relationships, romantic or not, with open communication and honesty and both of these will take you a long way in life!"


Junis — New York, NY

“I see a lot of rudeness — the chivalry is dead! A lot of people don’t open doors anymore and I see guys jumping in the car first in pouring rain. Not cool!”


Zachery — Minneapolis, MN

“One scenario I've seen more than once was someone heading to a first date, and they're often a bit nervous. I've tried to do my best to put them at ease, wish them the best of luck and encourage them to ‘Just be yourself!’”


Raven — Houston, TAX

"I see a lot of couples in love in my car. I say that if the loving feelings are all consuming, both parties' thoughts are logical, and there’s a mutual willingness to compromise, it’s love that will last."


Sam — New York, NY

“I’ve picked up many passengers that speak to their loved ones on the phone in the car, often in angry tones. You can do real damage if you aren’t careful with your words. I recommend stepping back, calming down, turning around, and trying again. Don’t argue when you’re angry!”


Kate — San Francisco, CA

"I've had riders who have just been broken up with or ended their relationships, and they're in that limbo phase where they don't know if they should wait around for their ex to come back to them or try to move on. I always tell my riders to get dressed, go out, take up new activities, and keep busy! That's always better than staying home and crying. Maybe they'll get back together, maybe not. But, they'll definitely feel better if they're proactive and out there."

Uber is always coming up with ways to upgrade your Uber experience, but just providing some good old love life advice is one that I hadn't heard before. There's so much to be gained from listening to someone who has seen it all, so if you're feeling a little lost or broken-hearted this Valentine's Day, Uber has you sorted.