Your Guide To Surviving Venus Retrograde This Summer

6 Venus Retrograde 2020 Dos & Don'ts

We're in the midst of a cosmic storm right now, as there are currently a whopping five planetary retrogrades happening simultaneously. But perhaps the most dramatic of all these havoc-wreaking transits is Venus retrograde 2020, and that's because this baby comes for your love life, finances, and beauty decisions.

Venus began its backspin through the airy sign of Gemini on May 13, and it'll continue on its reverse trajectory through June 26 (or just before midnight on June 25, if you're on Pacific time), giving us plenty of time to rehash past dramas in our love life, get in touch with our desires and what brings us pleasure, and reevaluate our relationship to money and value. Venus is the planet of love, romance, beauty, and luxury, so when this planet retrogrades (as it does approximately every other year), it causes confusion and blasts from the past in all these areas of our life.

If we know how to work with Venus retrograde, all zodiac signs can use this transit to strengthen their romantic relationships and heal a few heartbreaks. Get informed on the do's and don'ts of Venus retrograde 2020 so you can use the energy to your advantage — and hopefully come out unscathed.

DO: Get Real About Your Relationships


Venus retrograde does not mess around when it comes to forcing us to sort through the baggage in our love lives. That means any bad romantic habits and tendencies that you've avoided dealing with will probably come bubbling to the surface in less-than-pleasant ways — which can be make-or-break when it comes to dealing with relationships.

If you approach your issues and the current state of your relationship with honesty and openness, you can actually start healing some of these old wounds. Yes, break-ups are common during Venus retrograde, but many people can actually use this time to make their relationships even stronger. It's all about being willing to get real and handle your romantic struggles with maturity.

DON'T: Take Back Your Less-Than-Deserving Ex

Now that Venus is retrograde, some ex-lovers may slide into your DMs — or perhaps you're the ex whose suddenly got an urge to "check up" on an old flame? In either case, Venus retrograde is notorious for bringing exes out of the woodword, and you should just say no. Usually when relationships end, it's for a good reason — and while there are certainly situations where a healthy reconciliation is possible, it's tough to see your chances clearly when Venus is retrograde. We're more likely to reflect on the past with rose-colored glasses, making old relationships seem way more functional than they actually were.

If you do find that you have an interest in a former passion being rekindled, you can honor those feelings — but take it slow and wait until after the retrograde clears to commit to anything official.

DO: Prioritize Self-Care


Venus is the planet of love — and that includes self-love, too! All the upheaval and confusion that Venus retrograde brings around our sense of value can take a toll on our hearts, so embrace Venus' love for pleasure by indulging in things that feel sensually satisfying. Treat yourself to rich and yummy desserts, and pamper yourself with at-home face masks and candle-lit bubble baths. Rehashing heartbreaks and struggling with money is tough stuff, so go easy on yourself and prioritize time in your schedule for making yourself feel good.

DON'T: Give Yourself An At-Home Haircut

This means NO BANGS, no matter how bored you are with your mop. Most of us have been unable to visit a hairdresser in a while now due to social distancing, so yes, it's tempting to impulse buy an at-home bleach kit to fix your roots or consult your craft scissors and a YouTube tutorial for a DIY layered haircut, but this is not the time. Venus rules all things related to beauty and aesthetics, so any major beautification attempts or alterations to our appearance can have messy consequences during this planet's retrograde. Keep your beauty rituals simple for now and save any major makeover moments for after the retrograde has cleared.

DO: Get Closure On Past Relationships


While getting swept up in a sudden reunion with an ex is not advisable right now, Venus retrograde is still a useful time for getting some closure on past heartbreaks and old wounds around love. If there are things you've done to romantic partners in the past that you regret, this is a good time to reach out and speak your truth — just don't do so expecting anything in return or with hopes of getting back together.

It's also a great time to do some solo soul-searching when it comes to breaking toxic relationship patterns. Set time aside to write in your journal, open up to a trusted friend, or book a phone session with a counselor to talk through some of the unresolved drama in your love life. Healing is possible, and with Venus retrograde bringing our issues to the surface, we can easily sort through the mess and start working toward clarity.

DON'T: Spend Money On Things You Don't Need

Venus is the planet of money and luxury, and she looooves to splurge on fancy new toys, accessories, and clothes. But Venus retrograde can also cloud our senses when it comes to spending money sensibly, so any frivolous purchases should definitely be postponed until after this transit clears. If you don't need it, you shouldn't buy it — that's a good rule of thumb during a Venus backspin.

It's easy to get carried away with the thrill of shopping right now, but unfortunately, it's likely that we'll regret any major non-essential purchases post-retrograde. If there's something you really want to treat yourself to, trust that if it's meant to be, you'll still feel this passionate about it at the end of June. Save your cash and wait it out.