Why You Probably Shouldn't Laugh At Robby's Hair On 'BiP' — Yet

by Nicole Pomarico
Paul Hebert/ABC

For any reality show fan, life can be measured by the Bachelor Nation calendar. Winter and spring bring The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, which can both get really nerve-wracking to watch, what with the promise of a lifetime commitment hanging over everyone's head. Then, at the end of the summer, there is Bachelor in Paradise, arriving with its cheesy theme song like a breath of fresh air. But, this time around, it's more like a dark storm rolling in. The start of Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 built suspense in all the wrong ways, and, by spreading the circumstances of the season's widely reported shutdown over two episodes, made the whole thing feel like some sort of horror movie, rather than episode about a very serious issue. (ABC declined to comment on splitting the shutdown scandal coverage into two episodes.)

As many Bachelor fans are already aware, this BiP season was momentarily suspended due to a major controversy. After claims were made by a producer that alleged sexual misconduct occurred between DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios, production was temporarily shut down. DeMario repeatedly denied the accusations, and both Warner Bros. and Corinne's lawyers — who each conducted independent investigations — concluded that there was no evidence of misconduct. Corinne then released a statement saying she was satisfied with the outcome, and filming resumed.

But, when the show kicked off on Monday night, it wasn't the same lighthearted show fans have fallen in love with — and for good reason. The drama behind the scenes was carried some pretty serious allegations, and it's tough to just go back to watching the show like normal after all that — even if there was no wrongdoing found.

In fact, all of the things that should have been fun about the BiP premiere weren't, because it's hard to enjoy those things without the show addressing what happened between Corinne and DeMario first. As a fan, it really sucks that enjoying these lighthearted moments was robbed from us. The show left the scandal coverage lingering over our heads the whole episode without addressing what happened up front and then letting the episode air as planned. So, these otherwise funny moments were clouded in suspense instead.

Robby's Hair & Job

The amount of mocking that happened of Robby and his hair was insane, but sadly, it just didn't seem as funny as it would otherwise. And, hearing that Robby described himself as an "influencer" while on a date with Raven would have been so hilarious at a different time.

All Of The Costumes That Made Their Return

Alexis returned in her shark/dolphin costume, Nick was there in his Santa beard, and Matt even dusted off his penguin costume. Cheesy, but it would have been the best kind of cheesy if the mood surrounding BiP was lighter.

Amanda Giving Chris Harrison Her Engagement Ring Back

Just as many fans (and cast members) predicted, Amanda's last BiP romance with Josh Murray didn't last the year. When she arrived in Paradise, she gave her engagement ring back to Chris, who immediately said it smelled like pizza — what Josh was constantly eating during his time on the show.

Jorge Saying Goodbye

It's hard to imagine a season of BiP without Jorge tending bar, but it's happening — and the emotional connection to his tearful goodbye would have been much stronger had it not been overshadowed by Corinne and DeMario's yet-to-be discussed drama. The whole passing of the bartending torch between Jorge and Wells would have been a lot more satisfying, too.

DeMario & His Whistle

OK, so his whistling schtick might have been just annoying had the controversy at hand not involved him, but for some reason, that just made it even more cringeworthy to watch.

Dean & Kristina's Chemistry

Dean and Kristina were really adorable together, bonding over their rough childhood and hitting it off right away. But it was hard to appreciate it as fully when trying to figure out when the show was actually going to attempt to explain the Corinne and DeMario situation.

Amanda Talking About "Celebrity Tinder"

Normally, it would be really funny to hear that Amanda had been denied from "Celebrity Tinder," but this time, not so much.

Now that we're onto night two of the BiP premiere, where the show is really supposed to address the Corinne and DeMario situation, maybe, the rest of the season will be better. At this point, any change in the show would be better than the feeling fans got from the premiere.