Here's How Many 'BiP' Episodes Corinne & DeMario Are On

Paul Hebert/ABC

In the weeks following allegations that temporarily suspended Bachelor In Paradise production, the show's team has made clear that they'll confront the controversy head-on. Viewers have already seen glimpses of the events surrounding the incident in question in the trailers released ahead of Season 4, and host Chris Harrison has been generous with details about how it will be addressed on-air. What isn't immediately apparent, however, is exactly how many Bachelor in Paradise episodes Corinne Olympios and Demario Jackson will be on.

As many Bachelor Nation viewers know by now, the two were at the center of allegations that waylaid filming earlier this summer. In mid-June, a crew member came forward with concerns that alleged sexual misconduct occurred between Olympios and Jackson. Jackson repeatedly denied the accusations, and both Warner Bros. and Olympios' lawyers — who each conducted independent investigations — concluded that there was no evidence of misconduct. Olympios then released a statement saying she was satisfied with the outcome, and filming resumed. She and Jackson declined to return, but will appear on the show's reunion special later this season.

That marks at least one episode the pair will be present for, and as Harrison explained to Vulture, they'll also be included in BiP's two-night premiere, airing Aug. 14 and 15. He told the outlet:

“I will kind of guide you through those first few days up until the shutdown and you will see right up until that moment where we did shut down ... and that to me is the most important thing. You need to form an opinion on: What was the mood and the state of everybody? And, what was the general feeling going on for everyone in Paradise at the time?”

As can be seen in the teaser, it will begin with the three days of dates and drama that unfolded before production was halted and then dig into what followed. The premiere will focus on the events leading up to the incident, while the second episode will see Harrison conducting interviews, sit-downs, and discussions with the cast — including Olympios and Jackson — to hear multiple perspectives and go over the new rules. By the third week, the show will feel "very much like Paradise" again, Harrison told The Hollywood Reporter.

Assuming that means BiP will have moved past the controversy by then, that means Olympios and Jackson will be on roughly three to four episodes in total: The first two, the reunion, and potentially one from the second week, since Harrison hasn't mentioned what that installment will cover. So, while neither will be on board for the full run, viewers will definitely get to hear from them and see (at least partially) what transpired for themselves.