7 Common Health Issues We Need To Remove The Stigma From ASAP

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

For people with stigmatized diagnoses, it is pretty clear that there are certain health conditions that a lot of people just can't wrap their heads around. Millennial health issues are broad, but they're going to continue to be misunderstood unless the stigma-fighting conversation goes mainstream.

"It's time that we end the shame and stigma that surround so many medical conditions," health and wellness coach at Maple Holistics Caleb Backe tells Bustle. "By stigmatizing potentially embarrassing and sensitive diagnoses we effectively discourage people from getting the necessary help and care they need to move past their sickness." Especially since, in the United States, 20 percent of adults experiences mental illness and 40 percent have a chronic illness, it's really time to be more open and honest with one another.

It's important to remember that whenever you make light of a certain health condition that affects many people, someone with a diagnosis recoils. Plus, when you let yourself think that way, you risk losing sight of your own wellbeing as well. The first step, then, is understanding the truth about the health issues millennials really go through — beyond the stereotypes.

Here are seven misunderstood diagnoses millennials should be talking about more, according to experts.