7 Dates For Dealing With Your Inauguration Stress

Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2017, is the day we're forced to face reality that November actually happened and Trump is indeed president. You may have buried it in booze, cookies, and deli meats over the holidays, but it's back and it's more real than ever. The inauguration is a huge political moment— a huge historical moment — but, if it's anything like Trump's victory speech, I can't look it in the eye yet. I'll come to terms with it later later. With his victory speech, I wanted to distract myself, and then I went back to it when I was ready.

If you're feeling stressed about the inauguration, you're not alone. Since it's right before the weekend, you can totally plan a date night over the next few days to distract yourself or turn your frustration into something productive — a day date and into the evening, ideally. It may seem like a strange choice — especially as you're probably going to be feeling pretty weird this weekend anyway — but it's better time spent than compulsively checking your news feed with a knot in your stomach. Trust.

Not sure where to begin? Don't worry about it. Here are seven date nights for inauguration weekend:




I actually think volunteering is a great date generally, but there's something special about helping an amazing cause that may be especially vulnerable under the Trump administration. These organizations are a good place to start.


Lose Yourself In A Museum


It's a place where you can get shushed for whispering and you'll be too embarrassed to check your phone. A great way to really disconnect from what's going on — and better yourself in the process.


Go For A Winter Sport


OK, maybe don't try a back flip just yet. But doing something physical, like sledding, ice skating, skiing, etc., keeps you totally engaged. And the endorphin rush will help combat any dark moon emoji feelings you're having about the election.


Go To The Movies


At the movies, you're in the dark with a bunch of strangers, all facing a single screen. You have to give your undivided attention. And let's be real, if you're going to be distracted it'll be with some making out and groping in the back row rather than stressing about the inauguration.


Have A Quiet, Phone Free Dinner


... followed by some truly feel-good television. I'm talking 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, something that will make you belly laugh. Just agree to put the phones and laptops in the other room.


Find A Zoo Or An Aquarium


I have a theory that every time you giggle at a cute animal, one of Trump's horcruxes is destroyed. Let's run with that theory.


Support Planned Parenthood


Whether you donate, tweet Paul Ryan, play Sperm Invaders (seriously, check it out), or eat at one of these restaurants donating a portion of sales to Planned Parenthood in New York City, there are so many ways to support the non-profit that has been fighting for women for so many years — and is now in danger of being defunded.

It's going to be a tough weekend, so do your best to not let the news make you feel helpless. Whether you ignore the TV and internet by escaping at the movies or do something productive like volunteer, make sure you take care of yourself.