These 'Pushing Daisies' Episodes Will Give You All Of The Spring Feelings

At long last, the flowers are blooming and the chill is beginning to leave the air, but there are still a few hibernation days standing between you and summer. While you wait for the weather to catch up with your enthusiasm, you should watch Pushing Daisies episodes to get you ready for spring. With all of its pies, warm colors, and snowy episodes, the beloved ABC series may seem more appropriate for fall viewing, but don't let that crunchy leaves vibe confuse you, because Pushing Daisies has plenty of spring energy.

Ned's gift of giving dead things a second chance at life makes him the poster boy for the season of renewal. Whether it's through metaphors or episodes where you can practically feel the sun on your face, Pushing Daisies is the perfect show to watch as you prepare for winter to fade away. Despite only lasting two seasons, there are still seven episodes perfect for getting you into a spring state of mind.

Go ahead and cuddle up with your snuggliest blanket one more time before you pack it away with all of your sweaters and snow boots, and prepare to have a Pushing Daisies marathon. By the time you reach the last episode, it might just be time to pop on your sunglasses, and take a lesson from Ned about the joy of new beginnings.

1. "Pie-Lette"

There's no better place to start than at the beginning. In "Pie-lette" you meet Ned, the piemaker who makes pies out of rotten fruit that he brings back with a single touch, and solves crimes on the side. Then you meet Chuck, the dead girl who gets a second chance to live. And it's all lovely, warm, and just a tiny bit melancholy — like when that last patch of snow melts at the end of winter.

2. "Pigeon"

Ned gives Chuck the gift of bees while Olive saves a pigeon with a bedazzled wing with the help of the Aunts. If that doesn't scream spring to you, then there's always Olive's rendition of "Birdhouse in Your Soul."

3. "Bzzzzzzzzz!"

A mystery involving a bee-related death is at the center of this episode, that also sees Olive joining a nunnery. That development leads to a total Sound of Music moment that will warm your heart.

4. "Frescorts"

There's never a bad time to watch the episode that introduces Emerson's mother, but it's particularly appropriate this time of year thanks to all of the fresh starts that "Frescorts" includes. Emerson reunites with his mom, Olive and Chuck discover they're actually excellent at being friends, and Ned does some much-needed self-reflecting.

5. "The Legend of Merle McQuoddy"

As nice it is to think about the beautiful spring weather, you can't get all of those flowers without some rain. "The Legend of Merle McQuoddy" is a rainy, moody, but ultimately hilarious hour that pairs up Olive and Emerson, so you know it's brilliant.

6. "Window Dressed to Kill"

Olive finally resolves her feelings for Ned in this episode that encompasses the spirit of moving forward in life with humor and some killer outfits. When her former kidnappers/parental figures come to town (hey, no one said Olive didn't have a complicated childhood), Olive asks Ned to pose as her fiancé, and the farce actually leads to some serious growth for both characters.

7. "Kerplunk"

The series finale features a swimming competition, the Aunts rediscovering their passions, and new beginnings for every member of the Pie Hole gang. It's not an end, just the start of something new — just like spring itself.

Dive into these bright, hopeful episodes of Pushing Daisies as you prepare to greet spring and its promise of picnics, fresh flowers, and renewal.