7 Quirky Habits Couples Used To Have That We Should Bring Back

Zhuk Roman/Shutterstock

There's something about the way couples in the past expressed their love that can feel strange. And yes, some of things relationships entailed in previous generations could now be considered quite problematic; but not everything your parents' or grandparents' generations would have done should be written off completely. Even the strangest old-fashioned relationship habits can still be applied today.

First, it's important to throw some of your assumptions out the door. "Each generation tends to think their parents' generation, and even their grandparents’ generations were 'not with it,' 'old-fashioned,' 'weird,' or 'embarrassing' when it came to how they expressed their love for one another, showed affection, and the way they did things," relationship expert and spiritual counselor, Davida Rappaport, tells Bustle. "In fact, it really isn't. It can be considered a loving and sweet expression of love." So even if you've seen some of these things in old movies and gotten the wrong first impression of them, they can be worth re-considering when it comes to your own life.

Taking a lesson from couples of past generations doesn't mean you have to emulate their dating style completely. One of the great things about living in this time is that you likely have much more choice about who and how you date. Still, some of the seemingly wackiest things couples did can actually add something special to today's relationships.

Here are seven quirky habits couples used to have that we should bring back, according to experts.