7 Reasons Midday Sex Is Underrated


I'm totally in favor of having sex in the afternoon. That's right —an afternoon delight. I know that it's not always possible to fit it into your day, especially if that's exactly when you're in the office. But on the days you can try it, I highly recommend you do — your sex life will thank you.

If only because it's because a great way to add some novelty into your sex life, which is so important, especially in long-term relationships. “Just like eating your favorite meal prepared and served the same exact way every single day, it’s all going to get old fast,” Davia Frost, sex and intimacy coach and founder of Frosted Pleasure, tells Bustle. “This is the same thing that happens with sex. We get tired of doing the same thing and want to add or try something new, without the feeling of routine sex. One thing I talk about with my clients which is now my motto, is that it's time to un-mute our desires and discover a whole new depth of pleasure that we seek.”

And an easy way to change the routine without feeling like you're diving deep into the karma sutra is to change the time of day you have sex. The truth is, sex in the middle of the day has way more going for it then just mixing up your routine. Here's why it's so underrated:


It Makes Your Afternoon So Much Better

Talk about breaking up the day with some fun. Right when you start to get the mid-afternoon slump, you can snap yourself right out of it. I always feel like I can take on the world when I take the time to get down around noon.


You Both Actually Are In The Mood

Rather than being half-asleep or worried about what you need to get done the next day, you can have sex when you both still have some kick left in you. And you'll be less concerned with whether or not you actually have time to fit it in — or what the effects of sleep deprivations might be.


And You Can Still Get A Good Night Sleep

I'm all about the early nights. And I'm all about sex. That means that I tend to have sex way before the traditional bed time. It's great — it honestly feels like the best of both worlds.


You Actually Get To Enjoy The Benefits

There are so many benefits of sex and orgasms. “Masturbation/orgasms lead the body to flush out cortisol, a major stress hormone in the body, leaving you more calm, happy and balanced,” Kit Maloney, founder of the female pleasure company O’, tells Bustle.

And that's only one of the benefits — don't forget better focus, better skin, and more. Wouldn't you want to be awake to enjoy that feeling, rather than going to bed straight after sex when it's kicking in?


It Feels Extra-Naughty

Something about taking time out of the day to have sex makes it feel a little extra taboo. It makes it seem illicit and, frankly, sexy AF.


You Can Still Go For Round Two In The Evening

If you really want to fit more sex into your life, try more frequent, quicker rounds. Fitting a quickie in in the afternoon is a great way to do that.


Because Spontaneity Is Sexy

Often afternoon sex doesn't have to be planned at all — it can easily be totally spur of the moment. Which makes it even better. “Being spontaneous is key," Dr. Draion M. Burch, OB/GYN and Astroglide TTC Sexual Health Advisor, tells Bustle. "Quickies on your lunch break can be fun, but don’t skip out on the foreplay." Definitely take the time to make the afternoon sex count.

Just because we traditionally have sex right before bedtime, doesn't mean it's the best time to be doing it. Embrace afternoon sex and see how your sex life changes.