7 Positions That Help Increase Your Flexibility

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When it comes to advanced sex positions, some of them look like you need a gymnastics background to even attempt them. They're too bendy, too balance-heavy, or just too complicated for most normal folks like me, whose lifestyle is a mixture of bootcamps and Netflix marathons. But not all of the though sex positions are actually that complicated. There are plenty of sex positions that may require a little more effort to get into or maybe a little more lube, but no superhuman skill required. In fact, these sex positions may help limber you up a bit.

Because let's be real, sex can totally be a workout. Or at least it can feel like one. And it's more fun — and far cheaper — than a gym membership. So there's no shame in hoping to get a little bang for your buck. Or buck for your bang, even. You can get a stretch all while having fun.

That being said, you should never shy away from things that are going to make the sex easier and better. So you shouldn't hesitate to reach for the lube or put a pillow somewhere that's going to help. Here are the position that'll make you feel sexy and limber:


Advanced Crab Walk

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How To Do It: Very, very slowly. Get into that classic crab walk position, then crawl over towards your partner and slowly lower yourself onto them. If you've got the flexibility, move one ankle and then the other onto their shoulders. Slowly.

Why It's Great: There's a reason you did the crab in gym class. This position will help you strengthen and limber, plus you'll feel like a rockstar if you get it right. And once you get in there, it all slows down— in a great way.


Seated Backbend

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How To Do It: Start with woman on top and hold your partners hands or wrists. Then slowly lean back, bracing yourself on your partner as they sit up. They may need to separate their legs or move them closer together for comfort.

Why It's Great: Really deep penetration and a great view for both of you. Oh, and there's plenty of opportunity for clit play.



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How To Do It: The easiest one on the list. One of you sits on the bed with your legs spread, while the other kneels on the floor. Then they can really go to town — fingers, tongue, toys — whatever feels good.

Why It's Great: You can both be comfortable and relax, all while getting a nice inner thigh stretch. Feels great and great for you.


Three-Legged Dog

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How To Do It: Stay close to a wall if you're not used to this position — you may need it to balance. Stand up facing each other, then slowly hike one leg up over your partner's hip so they can enter you.

Why It's Great: It tests your balance, increases your flexibility, and lets you have sex even in a small area. Your quickies will never be the same.


The Splitter

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How To Do It: Start in the missionary position, but have your partner go backward and sit on their knees. Then straighten one leg and rest it against their chest. If it's uncomfortable, try a pillow under your lower back.

Why It's Great: It's not too complicated to get into and it gives you really deep penetration. Plus, you can get a sexy view of each other and maintain eye contact.


Legs Up Missionary

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How To Do It: Start in missionary, then slowly lift both of your knees over your partner's shoulders. If you don't make it that far, don't worry. Just stick with what feels comfortable.

Why It's Great: It's really intense, really deep, really close— all the makings of an amazing sex position. Plus, your hip flexors will benefit.


Standing Rear-Entry

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How To Do It: Another one where the wall can be handy. Stand with your legs slightly apart while your partner stands behind you. Lean over toward your toys and, when you're feeling solid, your partner enters you from behind.

Why It's Great: Talk about G-spot stimulation. This position not only gives your G-spot some much-need attention, it's incredibly deep. Just keep a pillow handy if you're feeling unsteady.

A lot of people think you need to be really flexible to get into some tricky positions, but the truth is sex can help you limber up. And it's way more fun than yoga.