7 Things To Do Immediately If You Feel Your Partner Pulling Away

Ashley Batz/Bustle

If you have been with someone for a while and you are feeling disconnected in your relationship because it seems like your partner is pulling away, it can put you into a serious panic mode. You might find yourself questioning what happened. What did you do? What does this mean? Are you headed for a breakup? Even if there's no logical reason to immediately jump to that conclusion, your partner's distance can take your mind to that place. The reality is, getting worked up over it isn't going to solve anything. So what can you do if you start feeling like your partner is pulling away?

"It's important to recognize exactly why your partner is pulling away in the first place," Emily Holmes Hahn, relationship expert and Founder and LastFirst matchmaking service, tells Bustle. There's no one size fits all reason for why your partner will start to create distance when things seem to be going really well.

If they're dealing with stress at work, family issues, or anything outside of the relationship, Hahn says it's just important to be understanding. "Actively help them deal with whatever it is head on," she says. "These kind of tough times can ultimately bring you two closer."

But if your partner is pulling away because things are moving too fast, find ways you can slow down the tempo while still keeping the spark alive. It's all about helping your partner feel comfortable with your relationship again. "Either way, the only way to really resolve this issue is to sit down and have a direct conversation," Hahn says.

According to experts, there are both good and not-so-great ways to react when you feel your partner is pulling away. So here are some things to do immediately if you want to restore your connection.