Tools To Help You Take Action Right Now

by Megan Grant
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sending Donald Trump sarcastic tweets is a jolly good time, but it still kind of leaves you wanting more. What can you do to incite actual change? Thankfully, the interwebs provide a number of tools to help you take action during the time of Trump; and the best part is that, if you're not sure where to start, 95 percent of the work has already been done for you. You don't have to do research or go on a scavenger hunt for the information you need, because it's already out there. It might be calling your local representative or sending a postcard. Maybe it's joining in a rally or signing a petition. Rest assured that there are many ways you can take action against the administration trying to dismantle things that we work so hard to obtain, for so long.

To be clear, I'm not saying you should stop tweeting. I will continue to tweet at Trump inquiring about who does his spray tan. But in addition, try one (or more!) of these actionable items, too. Don't think that one person can't make a difference. Now's the time to act.


5 Calls

People on Facebook keep saying you should call your representatives — but how in the heck do you do that? 5 Calls makes it ridiculously easy. It uses your location to find your local reps, and provides phone numbers and even scripts. You can even choose from a variety of topics based on what you're passionate about, like climate change or immigration. All of the work is already done for you. You just have to call.


The Resistable Tiny Letter

The Resistable newsletter keeps you up-to-date on upcoming rallies, marches, and protests on a variety of issues. While you can still search through Facebook events to find something to attend, why not have the details sent right to you? All of it is delivered right to your inbox.


10 Actions In 100 Days

The Women's March was outrageously successful; but they know better than anyone that the work doesn't stop there. With the 10 In 100 campaign, we will take action on an important issue every 10 days for 100 days straight. That's 10 opportunities to get your voice heard. They make it incredibly easy. For example, the first action was sending postcards to Senators — and they even provided the postcard. Sign up now, and they'll let you know when new actions are published.


Join And Start Petitions

iPetitions allows you to search for petitions that you'd like to sign for, and you can also create your own. Search terms like "Donald Trump" and "women's rights" to see if anything jumps out at you. Share it on your Facebook and encourage friends to join in. It may seem silly, but it helps get people thinking and talking about important issues.


Join The Women's Guard

Similar to the Women's March campaign, the Women's Guard makes it so easy to take action — it'd be silly not to "enlist." When you sign up, you commit to one activity a month; but you're not alone. They send a list of opportunities and help you get your voice heard.


Keep Taking Birth Control — But Do It For Free

Trump wants to infringe on more than one of our reproductive rights, and the Nurx app knew just how to respond: Offer birth control for free! Nurx has been offering promos for the past several months that give you three months of free birth control when you enter the right code at checkout. March's code is "NASTYWOMAN."


99 Ways To Fight Trump

Looking for a way to take action? How about 99 of them? That's what 99 Ways To Fight Trump is. From providing ideas for the best organizations to donate to, to giving the contact information of the right politicians to call, 99 Ways is jam-packed with useful tips and resources.