These Hilarious TV Recommendations Will Leave Your Sunday Night Blues In The Dust

by Aoife Hanna
Derry Girls/Channel 4

Whether you have had a beautiful relaxed weekend or the kind of weekend that episodes of Girls Gone Wild are based on, odds are that sometimes you feel sad AF come Sunday evening. Long gone is the promise of two days that are yours all yours and in front of you is five days of torture (AKA work/school) that are all theirs. Sundays must, however, be seized by the cojones for what they are: self care in the cosiest way. With so many options it's almost difficult to pick the best TV shows for Sunday night blues, but y'all I am here for you with a run down of what you need.

What makes a blues-beating TV show? Well let's be real, you want it to be light-hearted, fun, heart warming, and/or scandalicious. You heard me, I said scandalicious which technically is not a word but hits the nail on the head re that kind of a TV show. It must not aim to make you cry with surprise deaths of lead characters — eff u Call The Midwife, I'm still not ok and/or reminding you of what the hell is going on in the world, ahead of you returning to the world first thing on Monday.


'Bats, Balls & Bradford Girls'

Bats, Balls & Bradford Girls

OK so this one-off TV show is just about the most inspirational documentary you will ever see. Not only is this the uplifting story of young women fighting to do what they love, it's also a solid heart warmer. I dare you not to feel happy tears about this one.

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2. 'Real Housewives Of...'

OK big confession time: I watch nearly every single Real Housewives and god bless Bravo and Andy Cohen for providing the world with the ultimate self care fuel. Don't believe me? Ask the countless celebs who you totally admire that love the show.

Nothing says Sunday like indulging in watching a load of very wealthy women letting loose, promoting their various business enterprises, and then inevitably arguing. It's like you and your girl gang but plus money and not actually being very nice to each other.


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'Parks & Recreation'

The incredibly weird and funny sitcom that came from the mind of SNL alum Amy Poehler is literally pure joy.

Not only is it funny AF, but the ever present positivity of the delightfully optimistic and ambitious Leslie Knope will have you saying yes instead of nope to Monday.

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'Gilmore Girls'

Need I say anything more than the title alone?

Gilmore Girls has stood the test of time, being a hit then and now, and feels like a warm hug from the inside.

Girl power and friendship and love and suddenly yes babe, you can get through this week.

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'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'

This Netflix original comedy has been nothing but LOLs since it began.

The whole cast provide infinite scream worthy moments but let's be real, we all know Titus is the star of the show.

Perfect for easy viewing, escapism, and laughing yourself to sleep.

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'Escape To The Chateau' & 'Escape To The Chateau DIY'

Escape To The Chateau/Channel 4

If you don't feel OTT vibes for Dick Strawbridge and his moustache, then you are one of few. Him and his wife Angela's journey from buying a ramshackle chateau and turning it into a successful business is truly inspiring. You will be all "OMG I am going to try that crafty trick!", when you see Angela's amazing skills.

Their later show, which is more about helping other people find their dream French castle, is just the best. It will have you dreaming of your very own chateau and escape to the French countryside.

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'Derry Girls'

Derry Girls/Channel 4

Derry Girls is Channel 4's biggest hit sitcom in quite some time. Not only is it funny AF, it is also the rare thing that is a female focussed coming of age story. Relive your glory days and remember why you're glad not to be in school anymore.

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'Better Things'

OK so you might not have heard of this charming sitcom but listen up, it is hilarious. It is all about a single mum in LA trying to juggle life as a jobbing actor while raising her three kids. Cue lots of cameos and ups and downs, but mainly a heck of a lot of heart warming drama.

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'The Bi-Life'

The Bi Life/E

This dating show is actually earth shattering. All of the other dating shows might as well say "cheque please" and get the hell out because this one is the very best.

A dating show with bisexual Brits living in Barcelona (oof that alliteration) and dating not only each other but lots of other people too with a whole host of dramatic incidents? Yes please.

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No matter which show you decide to enjoy, make sure your main priority is being kind to yourself. You've a big week ahead, and you got this.