7 YouTube Beauty & Makeup Room Tours That Are Goals AF

Beauty YouTubers don't play about their makeup collections. After all, it is kind of their job. From PR unboxings to full face of one brand, it's no secret that gurus have a ton of makeup, and the know how to display it. These 7 YouTube beauty and makeup room tours show just how serious these influencers are about makeup, and honestly, their beauty setups are goals AF. While any non-Instagram makeup artist or YouTube star shouldn't expect to have collections this large (barring your credit card debt being next level), it's fun to see just how pretty all that packaging looks on an IRL vanity.

From Ikea storage to entire rooms dedicated to their makeup, gurus showcase the best of the best during their beauty room tours. Whether you're looking for inspiration for your own vanity or thinking about investing in the ALEX drawers, they're a great place to find inspiration for your collection. Plus, let's be honest, if you're feeling a bit like a makeup hoarder yourself, these videos will definitely make you feel better about your stash. Not to mention that gurus almost always have their favorite beauty products out front, so it's kind of like a mini sneak peek into their own favorites.

What beauty room tours should you watch? Honestly, all of them, but here are some good places to start.

1. Tati Westbrook

In Westbrook's video, she goes through all of the extreme amounts of makeup that she owns. She's totally open about the fact that much of it is sent to her in PR, but the sheer amount of beauty products she has is incredible. Plus, if you loved this video, she goes on to create an entire series you can binge about decluttering her makeup.

2. MannyMUA

If you want a truly honest beauty room tour, MannyMUA's is for you. He admits at the beginning of the video that he decided to show his beauty room in its natural state and not scrub it down to seem perfect. It's a real honest look at his set up, and honestly, it's refreshing to see that not everything is color coordinated and perfect.

3. Laura Lee

If you love declutter videos, you get two for one with Laura Lee's beauty room video. Not only does she get rid of makeup she no longer needs or uses, but you get to see her storage set-up. Plus, she reveals that she donates much of her PR. Who doesn't love an altruistic guru?

4. James Charles

James Charles is giving you a sister snapshot of his entire apartment, and of course, that includes all of his beauty products. In the video, he reveals that his collection has actually been whittled down a bit because, like Laura Lee, he donates products that he won't be using. In this tour, you get to see some of his items that he uses on a regular basis.

5. Desi Perkins

Desi Perkins may have the beauty room tour to end all beauty room tours. Both MannyMUA and James Charles cite her use of shoe organizers as the inspiration for their own beauty storage set-up. Once you see Perkins' beauty collection, your jaw may just hit the floor.

6. Allie Glines

You've probably seen those classic ALEX drawers from IKEA, and Allie Glines uses them to their full capacity. From her drugstore products to her high-end goodies, she's got one of the most organized tours on the internet, and you can see her favorite products on display.

7. Kim Thai

YouTuber Kim Thai's beauty room is basically just gorgeous. From her decor ideas (like those ultra cute quotes on the wall) to her organization, it's truly goals AF.

If you've been thinking of reorganizing your collection or just love seeing these tour videos, these 7 are the perfect place to start your binge watching.