These 'Bachelor' Villains Would Make Great Couples

by Nicole Pomarico
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, we end up with a villain, aka the contestant who everybody loves to hate. They make excellent TV, but they almost never make it to the final rose, except in the case of Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik, but we all know how that ended up. However, these villains are usually also the victims of editing (at least a little...) and just because they're schemers it doesn't mean they shouldn't find love! And what if they found love with each other? There are so many Bachelor villains that would make terrifying couples, and after thinking about it, I want it to happen!

It kind of makes sense that Bachelor villains would fall in love; they already have so much in common. Who else would understand what it's like to be on a reality show and hated by everyone who watches it? This makes the job of matching them up very easy, because there's a real chance these couples could actually work. They're all already so alike!

Here are some of the most unholy of possible unholy Bachelor alliances. I'm not saying any of these people will actually get together in the future, but if they did? They'd definitely deserve their own spinoff.

Leah Block & Kalon McMahon

Leah is known for her villainy on the last season of Bachelor in Paradise, but Kalon goes way back to Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette, where he called her daughter, Ricki, baggage. Since Leah doesn't have any kids, they should be a match made in heaven... or a total disaster.

Corinne Olympios & Chad Johnson

Of all these potential couples, this one is the one I want to happen in real life most. I would argue that Corinne and Chad are the most divisive villains in recent Bachelor history, and their relationship would be a nightmare... but so much fun to watch. It would be like his relationship with Lace on BIP last summer, but, like, ten times more dramatic. Plus, I have a feeling Chad would love to have a nanny.

Rozlyn Papa & Wes Hayden


Wes secretly had a girlfriend while he was on The Bachelorette, and Rozlyn allegedly secretly started hooking up with a crew member while she was on The Bachelor. Perfect match, right?

Courtney Robertson & Juan Pablo Galavis

When he was The Bachelor, Juan Pablo was only focused on himself, and Andi Dorfman even left the show because of it. And when Courtney was a contestant, she was all about getting ahead at any cost. Their single-mindedness could make them a well-matched pair... or the worst couple ever.

Olivia Caridi & Ian Thomson

The way I see it, these two have something major in common: They both thought they were the star of their seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Maybe, because of it, they'd truly understand each other? Or at the very least, Ian would probably understand why Olivia's cankles were such a problem for her.

Kelsey Poe & Joe Bailey

Kelsey isn't too active online anymore, but the last we heard of her on Instagram, it seemed like she was in a pretty happy relationship. But if that doesn't work out, Joe Bailey could be the guy for her. He was a total gentleman on The Bachelorette until he turned villain on BIP, and he stopped at nothing to get a rose — much like Kelsey, who did whatever she had to do to get Chris Soules' attention. Plus, I have a feeling he'd love to hear her "amazing story."

Vienna Girardi & Clint Arlis

Neither of these two are against throwing someone under the bus to get what they want... even though it doesn't always work. They could make a good couple, as long as they don't betray each other!

Tierra LiCausi & JJ Lane

Mainly, I just actually think these two would be kind of cute together, and JJ would totally appreciate Tierra's sparkle. Why not?

I seriously doubt any of these pairings will play out in real life, but if they do, I hope these couples share everything with the world. All of these villains were super entertaining on The Bachelor and Bachelorette, so I need to know what happens if they get together!