9 ASMR Videos To Watch When You’re Stressed

by Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro

If you have done any sort of scrolling on YouTube or Instagram in the past year, you’ve probably come across quite a handful of clips with “ASMR relaxation” in the description. ASMR videos are a popular trend that many people have turned to in order to improve their overall sense of wellbeing. These ASMR videos to watch when you're stressed can help you deal with different stressful situations you might encounter.

ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response,” which is definitely a mouthful So many simply refer to ASMR as a “braingasm,” or “brain tingles.” It can be best described as a tingly, relaxing sensation that begins at the top of your head, and that makes its way down through your body. It’s often triggered by normal, everyday sounds — like the rustling of leaves, or someone tapping their nails on a desk. ASMR videos have become so popular, even celebs such as Zoe Kravitz and Cardi B have jumped on the bandwagon in recent months.

Though ASMR videos are en vogue, scientists don’t know exactly what this sought-after feeling. As fellow Bustle writer James Loke Hale reported, researchers have theorized ASMR is, in part, caused by genetics, and the sensation also may trigger the parasympathetic nervous system like acupuncture and yoga do. ASMR is also possibly linked to synesthesia — which Smithsonian Mag described as “the fascinating neurological condition in which people see numbers in color and ‘taste’ shapes.”

The underlying physiology of ASMR might not be fully understood yet, but recent studies have shown that these “brangasms” may actually be good for your health: A 2018 study conducted at the University of Sheffield found specifically that people who watched ASMR videos felt more relaxed, and had lower heart rates than study participants who did not watch the videos.

Everyone has different ASMR triggers, so finding videos that work for you can take a bit of searching. Whether you are stressed because of your relationships, nervous at a new job, or experiencing headaches, here are nine ASMR videos to help you handle all the feelings.


When You're Panicking, And Need A Friend

This ASMR video created by the YouTuber Frivolous Fox has over 550,000 views online, with overall positive ratings. The video features the YouTuber talking to viewers as if they were a close friend — repeating positive affirmations, calming mantras, and reassuring words of encouragement to help you feel less anxious.


When You're Struggling To Fall Asleep

Having trouble catching Z's? This 25-minute video on YouTube is the perfect ASMR anecdote for a restless night. The description says to "use this intense sleep trigger ASMR video with some of your favorite sounds to help you fall asleep. Enjoy ear to ear whispers, microphone brushing, hand sounds, pillow tapping and scratching, face touching, lotion sounds and more."


When You're Nervous About Starting A New Job

The anticipation of beginning a new position makes a majority of people feel a little nervous. However, there are a number of ASMR videos made to help you feel less tense during your first couple weeks on the job. YouTuber Bluewhisper also has many videos geared toward other stress-inducing situations — like visiting your doctor or dentist.


When You Have A Headache

ASMR is obviously not a substitute for medication or consulting a physician if you live with chronic headaches, but many commenters claim this video created by ASMR YouTuber, Karuna Satori, provides some pain relief. The thirty-minute clip is made with headache sufferers in mind — providing a quiet, dark, and relaxing atmosphere.


When You Just Need To Chill TF Out

After a long day at work, or weekend hanging out with friends, sometimes you just need to opt for alone time and decompress when you get home. Consider trying an ASMR video that is free of talking — like this one from Caroline ASMR — for ultra-relaxation.


When You're On-The-Go

Not everyone has time to watch a thirty minute video in the A.M. Luckily, there are ASMR videos that are made for when you're in a rush, but need to relax. This video from YouTuber Stacy ASMR features over one hundred common ASMR triggers, and it clocks in right at five minutes.


When Your Mental Health Is Hurting

Just as with headaches, ASMR isn't a replacement for seeking treatment or care from a mental health professional for depression. However, many people have reported the sensation can help alleviate symptoms of depression. YouTuber Chynaunique ASMR gives viewers tips to help a friend with depression in this video, all while inducing "brain tingles."


When You Need Relationship Advice

Believe it or not, there are ASMR videos created to help you cope with strain in your relationships. According to the description, this video created by Olivia Kissper ASMR features a psychic reading made "for you to find out what is keeping you from having a powerful and fulfilling relationship of any kind."


When You're Angry

If you need to cool off after an argument, ASMR could be a useful tool. In this twenty minute video, YouTuber Hailey Rose soothingly talks about ways to calm down when you're angry.

When life has you overwhelmed, ASMR videos could be a coping skill to help you manage. They are easy to find, free, and are tailor-made to get you through a bunch of stressful situations.