This Kylie Jenner ASMR Video Will Either Make You SUPER Uncomfortable Or Very Sleepy

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The internet can be a weird place. Anyone who's spent too much time on Tumblr or Reddit can tell you that much, but YouTube also has it own section that many people find unsettling. That section is the ASMR world. The oddest part? Kylie Jenner ASMR beauty videos exist, and yes, they're as weird as they sound. Your reaction to them, though, is up to you, and basically they're either going to make you wildly uncomfortable or extremely sleepy.

First of all, to understand the Kylie-centric content, you need to know what ASMR is. Otherwise, the whole point of this seemingly wildly popular section of the content sharing website will be lost to you.

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. Basically, that's a fancy way of saying tingles. Have you ever had someone play with your hair only for relaxing tingles to go down your back? That's essentially what an ASMR response is, and these videos on YouTube attempt to simulate it via a computer screen.

Some of the most popular ASMR videos seems to revolve around self-care and actions that would naturally give you the relaxation response in real life. An example of this? Makeup application, which is where Kylie Jenner comes into this whole deal. As it turns out, there are Kylie fans in the ASMR community, and they seem to love using her cosmetics line as means of helping people relax.

ASMR content creator Lily Whispers has two Kylie Jenner roleplay ASMR videos, and honestly, if nothing else, people can appreciate her spot-on impression of Jenner. From the way she holds her mouth to her voice, if you weren't looking directly at Lily, it'd be hard to tell she and Jenner apart. Or you could find it unsettling. Again, this whole internet phenomenon is up for interpretation.

In the video, she pretends to be Jenner (yes, it is kind of, super weird but YouTube is super weird sometimes) and apply makeup from the Kylie Cosmetics line to your face. Using whispered tones, brushing movements, and triggering sounds, Lily attempts to simulate the feelings of ASMR. Think about having your makeup done in a store. It's relaxing, right? That's basically what this video is meant to do.

Let's be honest, though. Kylie Jenner ASMR videos can be kind of weird to those who don't actually experience ASMR reactions, but a lot of people seem to be watching them. In fact, Lily's Kylie Jenner videos both have over half a million views each, and her channel has over 200,000 subscribers. Beauty gurus are quaking at these makeup ASMR viewcounts.

It's not just makeup lovers and celebrity fans who have made their home in ASMR, though. Brands seem to be taking notice of the content's popularity, too. If you're a major Lushie, you may have seen that the team at LUSH partnered up with popular ASMR creator ASMR Darling to promote their Sleepy lotion as well as their other lavendar based products. If you're thinking that's super strange, just hang on tight because your mind is about to be blown.

Lush actually worked with Darling on two videos. Why two? Because the first of garnered a whopping 1.2 million views, and the second? It flew passed the 1 million mark to rack up 3.2 million views. As for Darling herself? She's got 1.6 million subscribers to her YouTube channel.

Maybe you find ASMR odd, and to be honest, yeah, that makes total sense. Clearly, however, others are seriously invested in these triggering videos and the relaxation and anxiety relief they can provide. The real question, here, though, is when Kylie Cosmetics is going to sponsor an ASMR video.