This Is What You Should Stream Next On BBC iPlayer, Based On Your Current #Mood

Doctor Who/BBC

Netflix be damned, the good old BBC is making your licensing fee 100 percent worth it with with their streaming service, BBC iPlayer. It's pretty right on of them, and also just like, common sense considering that the Beeb has produced some of the best televisual delights ever, making the British national TV station the envy of the world. And with the incredible, diverse, and seemingly endless selection of box sets streaming at this very actual moment, there is a BBC iplayer box set for every mood.

The BBC basically owns the period drama genre, is captain of the gritty drama, queen of comedy, and of course don of the documentary —meaning there is no way anyone is dissatisfied with what's on offer.

Many hearts were broken when it was announced that iPlayer was to fall under the licensing fee, so people who only streamed from their tech were no longer immune from paying up. Drat and double drat. However, I can assure you as a TV license paying adult (I know right? Mad), the BBC iPlayer really takes edge off that annual fee, because it is like pretty much any other streaming service you use, has a download feature, offers something for every occasion, and has a constantly changing roster of films online for you to peruse.

When in doubt, get to scrolling.

Hungover — 'Clique'

OK y'all, Clique is just the ticket for recovering from an evening of self-sabotage. Yes, a night out on the toon ended up later than expected and you need something that serves style, drama, intensity, and a whole lot of OMG the next day.

It tells the the story of two BFFs who go to uni together and all I will say is that it gets actually crazy. Probably not the uni experience you had, or at least I hope so. Both seasons are available in full, for you to enjoy while you simultaneously look at take away menus on your phone for hours.

Date Night — 'Bodyguard'

Maybe not ideal if you want something that's over quickly (cough) but y'all this drama is as sexy and stylish as it gets.

All that excitement peppered with blush-inducing saucy scenes including one with Keeley Hawes in a doorway which might give you cardiac arrest, means this one is good for ramping up the romance.

Feeling Blue — 'Asian Provocateur'

Sometimes you just need a little bit of cheering up, which is absolutely fine, totally human, and also an extremely January vibe.

Asian Provocateur is a comedy docu-series where Romesh Raganathan goes back to his roots and travels around Sri Lanka under instruction of his hilarious mum.

The beautiful bright colours and rich culture of Sri Lanka will make you feel a million miles away. This accompanied by Ragnathan's hilarious dead pan is like fuego for the soul.

LOLs With Pals — 'People Just Do Nothing'

The mockumentary series People Just Do Nothing is a spoof of West London guys trying to make it big in pirate radio, with their station Kurupt FM. The birthplace of Chabuddy G, one of the best characters on telly.

If you live in London or have been to London you have definitely met guys exactly like this. One of the most LOL shows out there, and completely on BBC iplayer.

Wanting To Be Spooked — 'In The Flesh'

In The Flesh is one of the best, spookiest, and most gripping dramas the BBC has made in the last decade.

It is the story of a post zombie apocalypse UK where a disease brought the dead back and had them all like zombie-ish and gross. A medicine has been produced that brings them back to their usual self personality-wise, but they remain an ostracised part of society.

As well as being super spooky and horrifying, the drama contains a lot of parallels between the exclusion of certain people and the xenophobia, racism, and homophobia in our society.

Poorly — 'The Long Song'

What is better for a poorly little sausage than an absolutely beautifully made period drama? And one that is like an epic story of life, love, loss, and growth in a time of huge political, social, and economical change?

Hell yes. This three parter tackles a very serious and difficult time in history — during the abolition of slavery. It is the story of a woman born a slave who ended up the mother of a gentleman.

Good for those with a cold as you will need access to lots of tissues for this one.

Family Fun — 'Watership Down'

Who doesn't love a classic? The recent reboot of an old favourite made in collaboration with Netflix. An epic adventure tale of a load of rabbits in need of a new home is (albeit a lil dark) fun for all the family, visually pleasing, and of course — laden with incredible UK talent.

Olivia Coleman, James McEvoy, and John Boyega is like just a little taste of the talent on offer.

Craving A Little Magic — 'Doctor Who'

There is never a time when people don't need a little magic. I mean maybe I am biased as a fan of escapism but come on y'all, Brexit. Get some flipping magic in your life.

The complete 11 seasons of Doctor Who, including the most recent and actually most popular ever inception of the Doctor, the very brilliant and very female Jodie Whittaker.

Take yourself across space and time in a big blue box and enjoy like way too many cameos to cope with.

Feeling Outdoorsy But It's Raining — 'Planet Earth II'

Oh hey world, you are so cute, and also David Attenborough, you are cute too.

Do you just love nature but like, live in the UK and the thought of larking around in mud under that merciless grey sky makes you weep? Well stick on the TV and see every bit of the earth's beauty and grace. And hey, after soaking it all in, you might actually feel like getting off your tuccus and heading outside.