9 Closet Staples Every Busy Woman Should Own

Being a fully functioning adult in this stressful world we live in is hard enough as it is. Having to look like we've got it all together on top of it all? It's no wonder we're all so anxious. But dressing up for work or fun doesn't have to be intimidating or difficult if you've got the right pieces in your wardrobe. Thankfully, designer Anine Bing is doling out advice for the closet staples she believes every busy woman should own. Whether you're feeling uninspired on a Monday or rushed on a Saturday, these classic, must-have pieces will make you look and feel chic and polished with little effort.

Now, before you get any ideas, I'm not suggesting you Marie Kondo your closet and create a capsule wardrobe (although there are benefits to doing so, especially if you're the type of person who is late to everything because you can't decide on an outfit). These nine staples Bing suggests having are meant to go with everything you already own, hopefully making getting ready simple and stress-free. These pieces are so classic, in fact, that you could re-wear a combination of them and no one would ever say anything about you repeating outfits. That's the beauty of a uniform (which, as you might already know, many successful people, like Barack Obama and Vera Wang subscribe to) — they're timeless! Plus, you can rest assured you'll feel comfortable and confident wearing them. What's not to love?

Here's what Anine Bing thinks you should have in your closet and why.

1. Classic Wayfarers


Ray-Ban ORIGINAL WAYFARER CLASSIC Green Classic G-15, $150,

"I've been wearing them for years and love Ray-Bans — they are cool, classic, and go with every outfit."

2. A Leather Jacket

Anine Bing

Cropped Moto Jacket, $1,099,

"Every girl should invest in a sturdy leather jacket, and I must say — ours are the best for year-round wear, especially the cropped moto!

3. A White Tee


Everlane White Tee, $16,

"No matter what brand, just find one you love and own multiple; I wear ours almost every day — they're so soft and just slightly sheer. Gap and Everlane make great ones, too."

4. A Piece of Fine Jewelry


"Invest in a jewelry piece that's real gold, you will always come back to it over the years. Or a beautiful watch you will have your whole life — something that's special and timeless."

5. Vintage Denim

Anine Bing

Vintage Wash Jeans, $229,

"Find whatever brand you love and feel most comfortable in. I wear ours all the time, especially the vintage wash jeans. But every girl should have at least one pair of vintage Levi's in their rotation."

6. Converse



"There's nothing like a great pair of worn-in Converse. They make any outfit cool."

7. Blazer

Anine Bing


"[Get yourself a] good structured black blazer. Ours is great, and I also love what Theory offers. They have great variety.

8. Leather Pants

River Island Plus Leather Look Skinny Pants in Plus Size, $26,

"I'm a firm believer you can wear these at 20 and at 70 years old. They always feel chic, whether you pair them with sneakers or heels. I love ours because they fit so many different body types."

9. Lace Bra


"Every girl needs a sexy piece of lingerie in their wardrobe, and I can't get enough of our black lace bralette. My whole team wears it every day! They add a little something to any outfit."