9 Little Habits All High-Performing People Have In Common

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It often seems like some people have all the luck when it comes to reaching their goals and finding success in life. These are the folks we admire and hold in high regard, because we think they somehow cracked a magic code, and are now successful as a result. But really, it often boils down to a few habits all successful people have in common, which add up and assist them in getting ahead.

And that's good news, isn't it? It means the rest of us can be successful in the things we want to do, too — whatever those things may be. "Anyone can be excellent with a lot of effort and the right goals," Jonathan Bennett, relationship and dating expert at Double Trust Dating, tells Bustle. "However, being high-performing can be a long, difficult process. It requires a serious, conscious dedication."

It's also often a personality thing, which is something we can all tweak and adjust, usually in the form of being more positive. "It’s more mindset-related than anything else," intuitive coach Jena Coray tells Bustle. "Truly successful people are self-satisfied and have an attitude of gratitude about everything life throws their way."

Basically, the high-performing, successful, talented folks of the world got that way because they remained positive, trusted their guts, and made things happen — often in the face of failure. Here are a few more habits experts say successful people often have in common, so you'll know just what to emulate.


They Have A Morning Routine

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Ever notice how super successful people tend to go on and on about their morning routines? Well, there's a reason they're so passionate about them.

"High-performers know how to prioritize their own self-care from the very start of the day and they create morning routines that help them find clarity of mind and balance from within," Coray says. "Simple things like waking up with gratitude, taking time to breathe deeply, stretch, drink water, journal, ... connecting with your body before you connect with social media, email, and all the obligations 'out there' will help you find more balance 'in here' first."

Basically, what you do in the morning helps set the tone for the rest of the day. So if you want to scoop up this habit for yourself, figure out what makes you feel good in the early hours of the day, and do it consistently.


They Trust Their Gut

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Successful people are also really good at trusting their gut and following their intuition. This is why they often go off the beaten path, try new things, and strike out on their own — even when it seems like a bad idea.

"Whether they realize it or not, many successful people are highly in tune with their intuitive impulses and when they 'trust their gut' over their head, they are guided to beneficial opportunities and decisions that might not always make rational sense to someone else," Coray says. "They know how to follow their own guidance rather than simply following along with what others expect of them."


They Stick With It

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In situations that might cause some folks to give up, successful people keep on pushing. They have a stick-with-it-ness that sees them through, even when they're "over it," and even when things look bleak.

"It’s not strength or power that creates success, it’s resilience — the ability to get back up and try again and again and again," Coray says. "The ability to move forward when everyone else is falling back ... They have their eyes set on the end goal, a bigger vision that motivates them and encourages them to find innovative ways to move around their obstacles and achieve their goals." Again, even when it might not mean taking the a predictable path.


They Aren't Afraid To Make A Change

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The trick is, successful people are also able to tell when something is working, when something has the potential to work out, and when something's officially become a total lost cause. And because of this skill, they aren't afraid to make a change.

If that means quitting a horrible job, they do it. If that means leaving a bad situation, they go for it — even when it's scary and uncomfortable. "They know that within change there are growing pains," Kelli Reese, a certified leadership and transition coach, tells Bustle. "Being open to change, they're more nimble and flexible in their outlook. They stay positive even when the ride may get a little bumpy."


They're All About Helping Others

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While so many people think it's necessary to be cutthroat in order to make it to the top of their game, successful folks know it's more about helping others and being part of a team.

"High-performers focus on how well they are propelling themselves and others to success," Betty Ng, founder and CEO of Inspiring Diversity, LLC, tells Bustle. "They adopt a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity, which allows them to think more about working with others to 'expand the pie' versus thinking about how success is a zero-sum game where one person’s success comes at the expense of someone else."

In thinking this way, their success ends up being "infectious and further inspires others to help the high-performer further succeed," Ng says.


They Stay Self-Aware

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By being self-aware, successful people "know how to quickly maneuver out of the traps their mind tries to set for them and consciously choose how to respond in any given situation," Reese says. "The self-awareness means they're not blaming someone else for what's going [wrong] in their life. They know they're responsible for what's transpiring in their business and life and they reap the benefits of not getting side-tracked by limiting beliefs of a negative mind-set."

Of course, this skill can take a while to learn. It's really easy to look at the negatives of a situation, or find a way to blame those around you when times get tough. But with practice, it's possible to be more self-aware, and more positive as a result.


They Know How To Focus

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The thing about high-performing people is they truly know how to focus their time, and do less with more. "They are able to zero in on what’s important to them and put blinders on to everything else," Cat Aldana, a mindset coach and founder of Eat Stretch Nap, tells Bustle. And yes, sometimes that means they miss out on other, more fun things. But it's a choice they consciously make.


They're Easy To Work With

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In whatever job they happen to be doing, the most successful among us are the ones who tend to be positive, and thus easy to work with. And that brings them all sorts of good luck.

"Positivity increases confidence, innovation, and creativity," Katy Caselli, organizational psychologist and author of Building Giants, tells Bustle. "People like upbeat people, and so they come to them to hear advice and take direction, leading to leadership opportunities and promotions at work." And beyond.


They Know When To Take A Break

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OK, so you might think success means working 100 hours a week, or staying at the office until midnight, and never taking a break. And sure, that is sometimes the case. But successful people also know how to keep themselves from burning out.

"High-performers know when to call it quits," Joshua Klapow, PhD, clinical psychologist and host of The Kurre and Klapow Show, tells Bustle. "They do not burn themselves out by persistently engaging in activities that are not paying off." And they know when to take a much-needed vacation, so that they can come back to their project feelin' fresh.

Of course, finding success requires more than what's listed above. But developing these nine habits certainly doesn't hurt. Essentially, they're all about knowing how to focus your time and energy, and knowing how and when to reach out for help. That's what successful people do, and you can, too.