11 Signs Your Intuition Is On Point & You Need To Listen To It

You know the feeling. It starts somewhere in the gut. It usually blossoms from there when there is a decision to make. It could be a confrontation between two ice cream flavors or something bigger like what job offer to take. Often you might feel like you should fight it, battling it back down to the root. But, guys, you've heard your mothers and your grandmothers: follow your intuition. There are signs your intuition is on point and reason to trust that gut feeling.

There are sometimes you feel like you just know something. You might also know that you're not a psychic and don't have the ability to tell people their fortune. But still, you know things. This is your intuition calling you. Maybe somebody's facial expression sparked a judgement in you telling you not to trust this person. There's some psychological science behind that ~feeling~. Psychology Today explains, "intuition is a mental matching game. The brain takes in a situation, does a very quick search of its files, and then finds its best analogue among the stored sprawl of memories and knowledge." From there, you're able to listen to intuition and develop a "hunch" about a certain situation.

You know when a question is asked in class, and you know the answer but you doubt yourself and don't raise your hand? Then, as it turns out, you were right? Your intuition is mostly likely always on point. It's just a matter of learning to trust it.

You Have Vivid Dreams


Dreams and intuition are both from the same place. Your unconscious. If you have vivid dreams, there's a chance your intuition is on point because you're getting a wave of information from your unconscious. Keep a journal by your bedside!

You Keep Catching The Clock At A Certain Time


You know when you go to look at the clock and everyday you seem to be catching the time at exactly 4:44 or another specific time? That could be your intuition as it relates to unconscious information your brain stores. You just know when to look.

You're Empathetic


Mind Body Green lists empathy as a sign of an intuitive person. They write, "you're highly sensitive to what others are feeling." And, if you're in tune to what people feel, you're more likely to pick up on how to act and how to handle certain situations.

You Can See Through People


You might be out on a date or hanging out with a new friends who seems charming, but your intuition is totally on point if you can see through the smiles and wit. Of course everybody deserves a chance, but maybe a snide remark registers and it'll make you feel like a person is performing as someone they're not.

You're In Tune With Your Body


Sometimes you just know when your body needs to rest. Maybe you haven't started even sniffling yet, but you can feel that your body is getting worn down. Listen to this! It's important to trust that you know when something is feeling off. Give yourself a break.

You Pick Up The Phone When Someone Is About To Call


You know when you're thinking of someone? And then you think about maybe calling them? And then you do? And they pick up and are like, "I was just going to call you!" Or maybe you're reaching for the phone when they call you? That is your intuition being totally ON POINT. Call it a connection between best friends, but something registered to pick up the phone and get on a call.

You Analyze Your Safety


The one thing you should probably never doubt is the gut feeling that you aren't safe. On a recent night walk in a new city my Maps App directed me down a rather concerning path alongside a river that had no lights. As I began to walk, something in my gut — be it my mother or my intuition — screamed, "ARE YOU CRAZY?! NO!" And I chose to listen. I made it safely to my destination, relieved I didn't advance further on the path. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, trust your gut and do not proceed.

You Pick Activities Up


You know the saying: it's like riding a bike. You just know how to do something. As reported by Experience Life, an interesting study at the University of Chicago shows, "while novice golfers did better when they thought carefully about their putts, the performance of more experienced golfers got much worse when they reflected on what they were doing." Basically, if you're an expert at something, you've developed instinct and muscle memory. Don't overthink it. Just trust your gut.

I bake pies. But when I'm trying too hard to impress someone, I typically always burn the pie or undercook it by overanalyzing everything. But when I turn on a playlist and trust my instinct and intuition, they turn out just the way I wanted them.

You Hire and Let Go Of The Right People


In an interview with Forbes, Shelley Row, author of Think Less Live More: Lessons From A Recovering Over-Thinker, says, "Intuition plays an essential role for decision-making in rapidly changing environments; if there are contradictions in the data; ambiguity due to lack of data; or decisions that center on people (hiring, firing, or political decisions)." While in business you can make logical decisions based on data collected, when it comes to a changing environment and what's right for your team, that comes from the gut.

You Show Up At Specific Times


Sometimes you just have that feeling that the train is going to be late or the friend your meeting will arrive early. This goes back to the idea that the feeling in our gut is attached to information stored in our brain. You probably have registered that that specific train is always running 10 minutes late and your friend is always 15 minutes early. And so you show up to scheduled appointments and hang outs perfectly on time.

You Predict Someone's Reaction


Sometimes you don't know how someone will react to news that you're moving or you got a new job or you can't make the party. But, because you most likely have had experiences with the people you're telling this news to, you can probably predict how they'll react. Even, sometimes what they'll say. Ever caught yourself saying, "I knew you were going to say that!"? That's your intuition being on point.