9 Most-Asked Sex Toy Questions, According To Sex Shop Workers


Whether online or in a store, shopping for a sex toy can feel really overwhelming. So overwhelming, in fact, that sex shop employees get asked a lot of questions. In other words, if you're eye-spying a sex toy, but have 20-something questions to ask a sex shop worker, don't be afraid to ask. There's a very good chance that these employees have already heard whatever question you're about to ask.

"Overall, the most common question I'm personally asked is a variation of 'Is this normal?'" Polly Rodriguez, co-founder and CEO of Unbound, tells Bustle. "Because we, as a society, have so few open and honest conversations about sexuality, many of us are left wondering if our interests and curiosities are 'normal'." (Short answer: when it comes to sex normal is what you make of it.)

"In recent years, we’ve seen so many new sex toys enter the market — some that thrust, some that use pulsating air technology, some that are controlled via Bluetooth, and even some that don’t look like sex toys at all," Lisa Finn, a sex educator and brand manager at Babeland, tells Bustle. "Each and every design is nuanced, which is wonderful, considering everybody’s body is different, and so the ways that we experience pleasure can be varied."

From Unbound, to Babeland, to a handful of sex shops in Paris, to the monster sex toy store of all time in Pigalle, Sexadrome, these are the most popular sex toy questions employees get.