9 Post-Gym Happy Hour Hacks For The Social…

We’ve all been there: You have plans to burn off your frustrations with a few miles on the treadmill after work, or you’re signed up for a 6p.m. spin class with your absolute favorite instructor (who knew stationary biking could be so fun?!). And then, your coworkers plan an impromptu dinner to celebrate someone’s promotion, or the new account manager’s first week in the office. Of course, you feel obligated to be part of the team with your co-workers, but at the same time, you know that a good sweat session is probably better for your sanity at the moment.

The good news is, you can hit up the gym and enjoy that post-work dinner celebration (or your monthly book club gathering, or even a fancy show) all in the same night! With a few simple steps of preparation, your fitness and squad goals can coexist — without a trace of the intense hour-long cardio workout you just sweated through. We partnered with Smirnoff™ Spiked Sparkling Seltzer to help you seamlessly go from the gym straight to whatever fun after-work activity you have planned.

Here are nine post-gym happy hour hacks for the social butterfly.

1. Research Where You’ll Workout

If you’ve already planned to go out after you hit the gym, research your workout location ahead of time to figure out what kinds of amenities it offers, like a refresh station, showers, or hair dryers. That way, you can pack your gym bag accordingly before work in the morning (or even the night before).

2. Pack A Pair of Spare Undies

Always pre-emptively stash spare underwear at the bottom of your office desk drawer or in your purse if you plan to schedule a social gathering post workout. No further explanation needed!

3. Get Your Athleisure On

Pick an outfit that enables you to change just one piece of it and still look (and feel!) good for a night out. Black workout pants or leggings, for example, can easily be happy hour pants paired with a jean or leather jacket. And black sneakers match just about everything!

4. Own Your ‘Gym Hair’

If you don’t have time to wash your hair in a shower before the event, wear your hair to happy hour in a cute braid or top knot. Another option is to don a baseball cap or knit hat if you know your hair will be messy and sweaty. Use a few bobby pins or a barrette to secure your hair to avoid that dreaded post-pony kink!

5. Get the Right Gym Bag

Switch up that typical bright-colored duffel bag or backpack for a classy neutral-colored gym bag that looks like something you’d carry every day for work. Some even have built-in pouches for your sweaty clothes.

6. Pack Plastic Bags

Some gyms and studios provide complimentary plastic bags in the locker rooms for your sweaty clothes so you can stash them away without harming the contents of your bag (or causing a stench).

7. Apply Fragrance

Carry a rollerball perfume bottle or even just a sample size of your favorite scent in case you don’t have time to shower. You could also spritz your hair with a leave-in-conditioner to keep it soft in between washings, and make it smell nice. And don’t forget to reapply that deodorant!

8. Bring Snacks And Water

Don’t forget to eat! This is especially important if you work out. Before you leave for the office in the morning, grab a granola bar, nuts, fruit, or another favorite snack to munch on when you leave the gym. If you won’t be eating at your post work event, the snack can hold you over until your next big meal. Grabbing a water bottle or refilling your reusable one will help you rehydrate post-gym.

9. Run...TO Your Destination

Kill two birds with one stone by running to your destination. Pick a location with outdoor seating — especially now that temperatures are on the rise and the snow has melted. If running isn’t your thing, you could opt for a lower impact yoga or dance class with friends at a park nearby to your meeting location. That way, you won’t have to worry about showering and changing outfits.

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