9 Sex Toys To Play With Before Trying This Move In Bed

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When it comes to anal play, you don't immediately need to jump right into anal sex. In fact, anal play can be just as satisfying and a stepping stone toward anal sex, especially if you're a bit hesitant about it

Although still regarded as somewhat taboo, anal sex is definitely becoming more mainstream, as more and more try it. A survey of 2,021 adults (975 men and 1,046 women) by PLOS ONE entitled, 2015 Sexual Exploration in America Study, found that 43 percent of men and 37 percent of women had engaged in anal sex at least once in their lifetime. While we may be a long way off from the 100 percent mark, we're still getting a bit closer to it, slowly but surely.

"When I work with couples and we talk about anal exploration and anal play it's just that," Dr. Dawn Michael, clinical sexologist and author of My Husband Won’t Have SexWith Me and The Ultimate Intimacy Guide For Passionate People, tells Bustle. "We talk about how it's just another part of the body and an area which can be an erogenous zone for many women. It is really about reframing the idea for many women, that again it is just a part of the body that can feel good when touched, and exploration can be a new adventure."

If you're thinking anal sex is something you want to try, here are nine toys to play with that will warm you up to the idea — and physical sensation — of it.


Novice Plug

b-Vibe Novice Plug, $130, Babeland

Not only is the Novice Plug small and perfectly shaped to make it beginner-friendly, but it's also a vibrator which is controlled by a remote control. The remote control allows either you or your partner to play with the six vibration levels and 15 patterns, making it a great couples toy.


Flexi Felix

Flexi Felix, $36, Babeland

If you're going to venture into anal toys before heading down the anal sex road, then anal bead should be on your list. Although most anal beads are spherical in shape, the anal beads on the Flexi Felix are oval-shaped making them easier to put in and remove. But, as with all anal-related sex toys, don't forget the lube.


Icicles Daisy Plug

Icicles Daisy Plug, $38, Babeland

If you're thinking that anal beads and a vibrating butt plug are a little bit much for you as a starting point, then Icicles Daisy Plug might be a better fit — both literally and metaphorically. With it's tapered tip, this glass butt plug is ripe for easy insertion. It can also be heated in hot water or in the microwave, adding another level of sensation to the equation.


Snug Plug 1

Snug Plug 1, $45, b-Vibe

The best part about b-Vibe's Snug Plug 1 is that it's the first in a series of butt plugs that slowly go up in size, with Snug Plug 4 being the biggest plug. It's a great way to ease yourself toward anal sex, step by step.


Njoy Fun Wand

Njoy Fun Wand, $95, Babeland

Made of heavy stainless steel and slick as can be, Njoy Fun Wand is an ideal anal toy for a newbie. It may go a little further up than the b-Vibe butt plugs, but if you're working your way up to anal sex, you should probably experience length in addition to girth. What's great about this toy is that, after being cleaned properly of course, it makes for a wonderful G-spot stimulating toy. Two sensations for the price of one is a nice deal.


Ooh Mini Butt Plug

Je Joue Ooh Mini Butt Plug, $59, Babeland

As part of Je Joue's “mix, match, and play” collection, the Ooh Mini Butt Plug is the type of anal toy that should make anyone who's new to anal play breathe a sigh of relief. It's small in both width and length, and unlike some other butt plugs, its shape is far from intimidating. With some lube, you can be rest assured that playing with this toy will be a fun experience that won't stress you out at all.


The Bootie Set

The Bootie Set, $99, Babeland

So you don't have to worry about going out and upgrading to bigger sizes of butt plugs, The Bootie Set automatically comes with three different sizes. Each one leads you closer to really enjoying anal sex when you're ready to take the leap.


Rimming Petite

b-Vibe Rimming Petite, $145, Babeland

If you're new to anal play, they you may not know that the anus is one of the major erogenous zones of the body. It's because of this that b-Vibe created a smaller version of their popular Rimming Plug 2, so those who are new to anal play can experience the rimming sensation that comes with the rotating beads that will intensify every orgasm you have.


We-Vibe Pleasure Mates

We-Vibe Pleasure Mates, $149, Babeland

One of the most interesting aspects about anal play or anal sex is that the more relaxed you are, the easier it is to enjoy. That being said, if you stimulate your clitoris either right before or while inserting an anal toy, any concerns you might have about it feeling a bit uncomfortable will cease to exist. With the Tango bullet vibrator to stimulate your clitoris and The Glow to stimulate your G-spot, popping The Dusk plug into your butt is going to be easy-peasy. Also, with all those sensations going on at once, you're going to feel like you just won the lottery.

There you go! Nine anal toys to play with before you try anal sex. There's definitely something for everybody on this list.