Like It Or Not, These Are 9 Very Clear Signs Jed Wins 'The Bachelorette'

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As The Bachelorette heads into hometowns, only Jed, Luke P., Peter, and Tyler C. remain. Hannah clearly has a strong connection with each of them if she chose to go to their homes, but the signs that Jed wins The Bachelorette are there and they're pretty strong. Even Hannah said so.

During her one-on-one date with Jed in Amsterdam, Hannah told the camera, "I can see a life with Jed after this, like a good life with Jed. There's a bunch of signs pointing to it being written in the stars." And even though she has admitted to falling for multiple men, it seems that Jed may be the frontrunner of this competition. He hasn't been causing issues with the other men like Luke and she has consistently been drawn to him. Of course, viewers at home may have already turned on the possible frontrunner.

While the villain of Hannah's season has been Luke P., People reported that Jed reportedly had a girlfriend while filming The Bachelorette. Nashville-based musician Haley Stevens told the outlet that they had been seeing each other up until filming and that Jed told her they would be "stronger" after the experience. Bustle reached out to Jed for comment, but has not yet heard back.

Update: Jed addressed his Bachelorette controversy on Instagram, writing:

"Hi ya'll. Several of you have reached out with messages and questions. Please know I'm not able to answer right now, but as soon as I'm able to, I will. •Until then, I ask that you please understand how much the actions being taken towards myself, my family, the men on the show, and above all, Hannah, are affecting all of our mental and physical health. •It goes beyond what is said online. Threatening letters and phone calls have been sent to our homes. My parents and sister are being verbally attacked in public. I beg you to remember what seems like a harmless action is damaging to real people. •I want to thank all of you who have reached out or reserved judgement until I am able to speak openly and I can only ask for your patience and kindness until then."

Earlier: Possible girlfriend or not, Jed does seem to be the strongest contender for Hannah's heart yet. Here are some of the signs that Jed wins The Bachelorette so far.

He Got The First Group Date Rose

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It's kind of a big deal to get the first group date rose in the beginning since it means you've really stood out. And that's exactly what Jed did during the Mr. Right pageant.

How He Handled The Luke P. Situation


Jed genuinely was impressive when he handled walking in on Hannah and a shirtless Luke during their massage at Week 2's cocktail hour. Rather than show jealousy, he was understanding and supportive of Hannah and helped to defuse the awkwardness, which she truly appreciated.

He Made That Epic Basket

Is Jed making a basket while they were kissing during their Boston date any indication that Hannah picks him? Not really. But you gotta admit it showed that Jed has a certain je ne sais quoi that could bring him to the end.

He Has Been "Open & Honest"


During his first one-on-one date, Jed admitted that he originally came on the show to help promote his musical career. While this wasn't a very nice thing to confess, it seemed that Jed was being open and honest, like Hannah had been asking for.

Per Us Weekly, Jed explained that's why he revealed his original "not here for the right reasons" intentions on his Instagram Story. Whether fans are convinced by his truthfulness now is debatable, but at the time, Hannah was won over.

He Won The Scottish Highland Games

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All of the contestants struggled with the Scottish Highland Games tasks. But Hannah was evidently impressed with Jed asking her to pin him since he ended up with the group date rose again.

His Window Serenade


If you think Peter has a leg up on Jed, just remember back to Week 6 in Latvia. Hannah had a great one-on-one date with Peter. But while the pilot was flying high afterward, Hannah had moved on with Jed in her bed after he surprised her with a window serenade.

His Guitar


Speaking of his guitar, Jed and his musical skills have struck fear in all of the other contestants' hearts. When he got the one-on-one date in Amsterdam, Garrett hinted that Jed has an edge when he worriedly asked, "He didn't bring his guitar, did he?" Don't worry, audiences everywhere were worrying about the same thing, but probably for different reasons.

Hannah Told Him She's Falling In Love With Him

After the heel-clicking portion of their day date in Amsterdam, Hannah felt compelled to tell Jed, "I'm falling in love with you." She added, "I'm shaking inside because I think I've known it for a little while." And considering she hasn't told anyone else on the show that, this is the biggest clue that she picks Jed in the end.

She Gave Him The First Hometown Date


After she told him about her feelings of love, it was no surprise that Hannah then gave Jed the date rose. But that secured his place in the hometown date portion and she appeared to have zero hesitation about taking that next step with him.

There are still four contestants, so anything can happen. But if you're into these signs, Jed (and his guitar) could be who Hannah ends up with during the finale of The Bachelorette.