9 Tell-All Books That Reveal The REAL Dirt Behind Your Favorite TV Shows

by Sadie Trombetta

There is a common misconception that one can either be a book person or a TV person, but I am here to tell you the truth: you can be both, especially if you find a way to combine the two. If your favorite hobby is binge-watching Netflix all weekend, there are plenty of tell-all books perfect for TV-lovers who want to feel like they're behind-the-scenes of their favorite shows.

As a passionate bibliophile and a self-proclaimed television connoisseur, I have a hard time understanding people who claim that they either don't read books or watch TV. I am even more perplexed when someone says they don't do one because of the other, as if reading and television are mutually exclusive things. Believe when I tell you, they are complementary activities that can actually enrich one another.

If you're obsessed with a TV show, you want to know as much as you can about it, and nonfiction books are a great way to do just that. Better than any fan board, spoiler site, or episode review, nonfiction books about TV take readers and viewers behind the scenes of their favorite programs to show them how it gets made, and what the lives of its creators and actors are really like. Plus, since nonfiction books about TV are essentially about Hollywood, they always have plenty of gossip, drama, action, suspense, and romance — what more could a true TV addict really want?

Still not convinced binge-watchers can be readers? These 9 nonfiction tell-all books for TV-lovers that will convince you books are a TV show's best friend.

'Talking as Fast as I Can' by Lauren Graham

If finishing the Gilmore Girls revival left a Lauren Graham-shaped hole in your life, then maybe the actress's collection of personal essays can fill it. In Talking as Fast as I Can, Graham shares personal stories from her as a woman in Hollywood — the good, the bad, and the fast-talking parts. Including diary excerpts and photos from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, this heartfelt book is perfect for fans who have always dreamed of sitting down and having an intimate conversation with their favorite TV mom.

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'The Daily Show (The Book): An Oral History as Told by Jon Stewart, the Correspondents, Staff and Guests'

If you miss Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, have no fear, because you can relive his greatest (and most hilarious) moments with this complete, uncensored history. Written by not only Stewart but his most beloved cast members, including Samantha Bee and John Oliver, and his most memorable guests, like John and Cindy McCain, this oral history will take you onto the set and behind the scenes of your favorite late-night talk show.

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'Why Not Me?' by Mindy Kaling

Now that Mindy Kaling has become a mother, fans are anxiously awaiting her parenting book. In the meantime, they can enjoy Why Not Me?, the creator and star of The Mindy Project's heartfelt essay collection about life, love, and what it means to be a woman. While it might not feature as many behind-the-scenes stories from the set of her Hulu Original or The Office, reading Why Not Me is like being immersed in an authentic episode of The Mindy Project — only better.

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'You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)' by Felicia Day

TV shows aren't just for actually televisions anymore: the wonderful world of the internet has brought viewers a plethora of new entertainment options, including actress and online entertainment mogul Felicia Day's web series, The Guild. In her memoir You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost), the hilarious "queen of the geeks" shares stories from her hippie childhood in the south, her big move to Hollywood, the production of her first web series, and her rise to fame as one of the Internet's biggest stars. Equal parts funny and inspirational, Day's book might motivate you to try creating a TV show of your own.

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'The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl' by Issa Rae

I can't talk about amazing women in television who got their start on the web without mentioning actress, writer, director, producer, creator, and all around badass Issa Rae. Named for her popular web series Awkward Black Girl, Rae's hilarious and relatable memoir is also the inspiration behind her hit HBO show, Insecure. If you've already binged the show and just can't get enough humor, heart, or awkwardness, this book is exactly what you need.

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'Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun, and Be Your Own Person' by Shonda Rhimes

In Year of Yes, the queen of Shondaland herself Shonda Rhimes reveals a behind-the-scenes look at how she became the creator of your favorite TV heroines and the badass woman she is today: by saying yes to everything that scared her. In it, the Grey's Anatomy creator reveals what her life was like before her Year of Yes, including her bookish childhood, and shares how different it was after taking on the challenge that would transform her life. Bold, inspiring, and authentic, Year of Yes will make you love Rhimes and her television creations even more than you already do.

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'Seinfeldia: How a Show About Nothing Changed Everything' by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

It's impossible to talk about TV without mention the show that changed it all: Seinfeld. In her authoritative behind-the-scenes look at the unlikely sitcom that became one of the most famous shows on TV, pop culture writer and historian Jennifer Keishin Armstrong dishes all the dirt on what inspired the show, how it was created, and what it meant, and still means, to pop culture. Engaging and illuminating, Seinfeldia will make you feel like you're sitting at Tom's Restaurant with Jerry and the whole gang.

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'I Didn't Come Here To Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain' by Courtney Robertson

If your favorite hobbies involve drinking wine with your bestie while dissecting every moment of The Bachelor, than season 16 winner Courtney Robertson's book is a must. In I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends, the supposed "villain" reveals what it is really like to behind the scenes of one of the most popular reality shows on TV. As you can imagine, finding true love on screen isn't nearly as magical as it appears to be.

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'Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries' by Andy Cohen

In this hilarious follow-up to his laugh-out-loud bestselling memoir, Watch What Happens: Live host and The Real Housewives franchise executive producer Andy Cohen shares even more juicy stories, unbelievable escapades, and behind-the-scenes looks at his fabulous life in world of reality TV. Smart and sassy, Superficial is a must-read for anyone obsessed with finding out what happens in the lives of the rich and the famous when the cameras aren't rolling.

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