9 'This Is Us' Theories That Fans May Not Be Strong Enough To Handle

The Pearson family made it through another intense year on This Is Us, but the finale revealed that their troubles aren't behind them. In fact, there are quite a few dark This Is Us theories floating around in the wake of that future flash-forward of Tess and Randall grimly preparing to go see a mystery "her." If you thought Jack's death would be the show's most emotional moment, then you may not be able to handle some of the This Is Us theories currently making the rounds. If the industrious people of the internet turn out to be even a little bit correct, then the Pearsons are going to be sobbing their way through Season 3, and beyond.

How could things possibly get more heart-wrenching than Kate's miscarriage? Or William's death? Or Jack's? Well, Beth could die for one. And Deja could end up in jail. Rebecca could have Alzheimer's, and Kate could suffer another miscarriage. No, seriously, Randall, the worst case scenario game is not fun.

Still, thanks to those season-ending cliffhangers, that's the game that This Is Us fans will be playing until the Pearsons return to their TV screens. Since you're definitely contemplating all of the tragedies that could be coming next anyway, here are nine This Is Us theories you may not be able to handle.

1. Beth Is "Her" & She's Dying

Rumors of Beth's possible demise have been floating around ever since old Randall showed up to have lunch with Tess without his wife by his side. However, in an interview with Glamour, co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker shut down that theory, but that was before the season finale in which the mysterious "her" was mentioned. Since Beth lost her father to cancer, fans are concerned that the same thing may happen to her, and Tess and Randall could be preparing themselves to say goodbye.

2. Rebecca Has Alzheimer's Disease

This Is Us is so rooted in the family history of the Pearson family that just the thought of Rebecca losing her memory bit by bit is devastating. However, that's exactly what reddit user infinite_prism proposed. They wrote, "Maybe Rebecca has Alzheimer's and has days where she forgets that she adopted Randall and is hostile toward his whole family. Sad to think about, but that might explain why Randall is reluctant to see her."

Cue the sound of hearts shattering everywhere.

3. Toby's Dad Is A Goner

If you didn't think the scene with a depressed Toby in bed could get any sadder, then consider the fact that the last thing you see before the flash-forward is Toby kissing his dad's cheek. Reddit user trailanger4 shared the theory that Toby's father dies. They wrote, "I wonder if his dad passes? That would seem to be sort of a cosmic balancing. He has helped Kate get over the loss of her dad only to have to deal with the loss of his own."

Hasn't there been enough dad loss on this show already?

4. Deja's Life Turns Into The Worst Case Scenario Game

Some people are afraid that Randall and Beth's game of "worst case scenario" is foreshadowing Deja going down a dark path. There's speculation that she becomes addicted to drugs like her mother, or is involved in some sort of accident that ends in Beth or Annie getting hurt. Given how invested fans are in Deja's happiness, if any of these theories even come close to being true there's going to be a whole lot of sobbing in your future.

5. Kevin Isn't Alive In The Future

After a rough year where he hit rock bottom, Kevin appears to be getting his life back in order. His career is going strong, he's embarking on a new relationship with Zoe, and in Season 3, he's heading to Vietnam seemingly in hopes of finding answers about his father's past. In many ways, his trajectory is mirroring Jack's, and that could mean that the oldest of the Big Three might end up dying young as history repeats itself.

6. Annie Is Heading For Trouble

The internet is just super concerned about Randall's family in general after that "her" mystery was introduced. If Tess and her dad aren't talking about Beth or Deja, fans are afraid they're talking about possibly visiting Annie in prison. Is the youngest of Randall's daughters destined for trouble? So far, she has't had much to do aside from be adorable, so hopefully, this theory is a stretch.

7. Jack Is Responsible For Nicky's Death

So far, Jack has been portrayed as the perfect father and husband. The man is a superhero, but there has to be more to his story. Now that Kevin is heading to Vietnam to better understand his father, he may find out things that he's not ready to learn, like maybe Jack is in some way responsible for Nicky's death. Or at least he feels responsible. Since only one Pearson brother came back from that war, you can bet there's a (sad) story there.

8. Kate's Going To Continue To Face Fertility Struggles

Kate's miscarriage was heartbreaking, but she still seems to be committed to starting a family. It's possible that there are more fertility struggles in her future, and possibly even another miscarriage. That could definitely present a relatable challenge for her and Toby to face together — but it would also be hard to watch since viewers are so ready for the Pearsons to have some happiness in their lives.

9. The Big Three Are Going To Drift Apart

The Big Three will always have each other... right? Now that the show is heading into the future, the possibility that Kate, Kevin, and Randall aren't as close as they once were has to be considered. Kate's wedding put a great deal of emphasis on their sibling bond, but what if the next big mystery doesn't involve a death or illness, and instead is centered on a falling out between the Big Three? Perhaps, a tragic occasion is about to bring the siblings together again in the future, hence all the talk of going to see "her."

Whatever This Is Us has in store for the Pearsons next, you can bet it will have Randall crying one perfect tear of sadness, while the audience ugly sobs right along with him.