9 Things To Consider Before Going Commando

If you're thinking of going bare down there, you might want to take some things into consideration first. Think: where you're heading, what material you're wearing, and more. Sure, you might feel freer, but there's more to think about before ditching your underwear and going commando. A great opportunity? Maybe when you're too lazy to do a load of laundry and literally can't wear undies. Another option? Maybe if you're heading to your SO's later (it'll probably be a turn on, too.) Either way, it's worth a shot.

As a certified health coach, I work with clients on feeling liberated and comfortable in their own skin, but also clean and infection-free (no one wants that, now.) Taking care of personal hygiene is super important, as it can lead to undesirable health conditions, like UTIs, yeast infections, rashes, acne, and more. You might thinking that going commando could open the door to these sort of infections, as you're exposing your vagina to materials that might rub against or cause friction. Yet, it's all about what you wear, really, as certain clothes are totally A-OK, and you'd be surprised, but there are actually several benefits to embracing that nudity. Here's the lowdown on what to consider before heading out without underwear, so you can stay safe and comfortable and reap those benefits, too.

1. The Weather Outside

Yes, the weather can even affect your vagina. "I am a big believer in going commando as often as you can, as long as the weather permits. Our genitalia need to breathe and should even enjoy some sunbathing sometimes," says sex expert and Tantra teacher Helena Nista over email with Bustle. "However, if you live in a colder climate, going commando could potentially lead to infections and discomfort. Particularly women can be prone to a vaginal thrush or urinary tract infections," Nista explains.

2. How See-Through Your Pants Are

If you're wearing light colored leggings or a sheer dress, you might want to keep those panties on. "It’s really important to check whether the clothes you’ll be wearing could potentially be see-through," says Nista. A tip? "Make sure to check in natural light because what might be well hidden indoors, could be clearly visible in sunlight," Nista shares.

3. How Different It Might Feel

It'll feel strange at first, no matter what. (Even if it feels good.) "Be aware that if you’re used to wearing underwear daily, going commando will feel weird! Walking around or sitting down on things will provide you with more sensations since you’ve removed a layer of fabric that used to separate your delicate bits from the environment," says Nista. This can be really enjoyable, unless you sit down on an uncomfortable surface, like cold metal or a leather car seat on a hot summer day, Nista says.

4. Where You're Walking

Let's say you're out and about in a dress, walking the streets of NYC or getting on the subway. You'll need to remember you're not wearing panties, as that breeze from under the ground or the train tracks can cause your dress to fly up. (And then you might get some awkward stares from fellow riders.) Another note: if it's super windy outside, you'll also want to either wear pants commando or a dress with panties, as your dress might fly up.

5. What Jeans You're Wearing

If you're wearing tight jeans, like those skinny jeans where you look hot AF, going pantie-less won't increase that sex appeal. Instead, it'll only make you uncomfortable, thanks to the jeans' synthetic or rough material found in denim. What's more, it can even create small cuts on your vagina. Ouch. Yet, on the contrary, if you're wearing loose jeans or pants, or even leggings, you'll be fine.

6. If You're Gonna Get Sweaty

Heading to the gym? Don't go without underwear. If you're going somewhere where you'll be sweating it out, you'll want that extra layer of protection to keep you safe from any harmful bacteria, irritating substances, or friction. (Just think about all those jump squats you'll be doing.)

7. If You're Sleeping

If you're going to bed, it's a great time to go commando. As you'll be in silky or cotton pants (or maybe even just a nightgown or your birthday suit), you won't need to worry about friction. Plus, it'll let your vagina breathe, which is actually good for your health, as it helps maintain a proper pH balance.

8. If You Get Yeast Infections

Turns out, if you happen to get yeast infections often, you might want to ditch the panties and let your vagina air out a bit. While it seems otherwise, you'll actually lower your risk of exposure to harmful bacteria by forging that extra lining. (Plus, you should rethink the thong, as it can cause bacteria from the anus to make its way upwards.)

9. How Much Discharge There Might Be

Yeah, so a little TMI here, but it's true: You might notice more discharge and sweat coming from down under. If you're not a fan of a little moisture, you might want to keep your panties on. However, if you're OK with it, then it's perfectly safe and can be super liberating.

If you're thinking about going commando, you totally should. (No harm, right?) Yet, keep these factors in mind before heading out without underwear and take note of what you're wearing and what activities you'll be doing, too.