You Can Go To This Candy Pop-Up Museum & Live Your Most Instagrammable Life

Calling all sweet tooths and candy fanatics alike: I've found the perfect sanctuary for you to visit, STAT. Candytopia, a candy-themed pop-up museum, is the latest and greatest pop-up to enter our lives (and our Instagram feeds).

Currently, the hunger-inducing art installation is taking the west coast by storm in Santa Monica, CA, but I have good news for anyone who has felt deprived on the other end of the country — Candytopia is coming to New York City on August 15 (brb, starting my countdown now), so now both east coasters and west coasters can bask in the sugar-laden glory.

And boy, will it have been worth the wait. According to Candytopia's website, the exhibition is best described as "colossal candyfloss constructions meld[ing] with a tantalizing taffy twistedness!" So basically, you're in edible heaven — from a full-on pool made of marshmallows to the most extravagant edible art. Basically, it's the real life version of Candyland (ahh, nostalgia), which means it's perfect for anyone and everyone (especially your Instagram followers, and you know it). The only requirement? Come hungry, and bring all your sweet teeth.

Courtesy of Candytopia

Although it may seem out-of-this-world, Candytopia isn't the only wild food-themed pop up to bless our lives (and leave our tummies growling). There's also been The Hall of Breakfast, the Rosé Wine Mansion, and many, many more. Keep scrolling for the latest and greatest pop-ups you need to check out, STAT.

The Museum of Pizza

What better way to honor your favorite food than to go to a museum all about your favorite food (and then eat your favorite food, of course!) The Museum of Pizza is coming to NYC in October and it may be the only cure for my post-summer blues.

The Museum of Ice Cream

What's not to love about a pool full of sprinkles and giant ice cream cones?! (Sadly, both are inedible, though.) The Museum of Ice Cream made its way around the country — from Los Angeles to New York to Miami. Although it's since moved on from NYC and Miami, you can get tickets to the newest installation in San Fransisco. But if you happen to be in NYC and still craving your ice cream fix, you're in luck — visit The Pint Shop, the latest, equally-as-Instagrammable concoction from the brains behind the museum of ice cream (also, be sure to leave with a few pints of their signature ice cream flavors, too!).

The Rosé Mansion

The Rosé Mansion opened up its doors on July 12, and New Yorkers already can't get enough. The limited-edition museum runs through October 7 in NYC and features any and all things pink and sparkly, so you can rosé all day (not sorry). Educate yourself on the history of rosé wine while also sampling some eight different types of the beloved summer drink. Cheers!

The Hall of Breakfast

Are you a brunch fanatic? Would you eat breakfast for dinner every night if you could? (No judgement, though). Just head straight to Salt Lake City and visit The Hall of Breakfast for some of the most creative and fun ways to celebrate your love for all things pancakes, eggs, donuts, and more! Just BYOB (bring your own breakfast, of course). BRB, starting a GoFundMe page for my Salt Lake City trip.

The Cado

If you can't get enough of all things 'cado, you must get down to The Cado ASAP. The pop-up museum dedicated to every millennial's favorite food is slated to open at the end of the summer, but no exact date has been released yet. The 6,700 square foot space is dedicated to everything and anything avocado, and I'm already hooked.

The Museum of Candy

From the masterminds behind The Sugar Factory comes the museum we've all been waiting for: The Museum of Candy. The coolest part of the museum? According to the press release, the museum will feature more than 15 aesthetically-pleasing rooms, a dessert marketplace, edible murals, and SO. MUCH. MORE. Hold your horses, though: The Museum isn't set to open until 2019.

Get ready to eat (and sip) your worries away at these magnificent pop-up. In fact, why not take a trip and visit all of them? Just take me with you, please and thanks!