The 'Christmas Prince 3' Synopsis Is Taking The Trilogy To A New Level Of Bonkers

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First came the coronation, then a Christmas wedding, and now, the royal family of Aldovia is about to welcome a new addition — and possibly, a new curse. As part of Netflix's newly announced holiday lineup, the streaming site also revealed that A Christmas Prince 3 will include an ancient curse. That's right, Queen Amber (Rose McIver) and King Richard (Ben Lamb) may have to fend off a fantastical threat before welcoming their first child ahead of Christmas morning.

According to Netflix's official synopsis, the third installment of the fan-favorite romantic comedy series, A Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby, will once again pick up with the Aldovian royals at the holidays, as the king and queen — who married at Christmas during A Christmas Prince 2 — are preparing to welcome their first child. They're also gearing up for an official visit from the king and queen of the fictional nation Penglia to renew a "600-year-old sacred truce." However, "when the priceless treaty goes missing, peace is jeopardized and an ancient curse looms," leaving a pregnant Amber to put her journalism skills to work in order to figure out who the thief is before the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Eve.

The ancient curse is a new addition to the Christmas Prince trilogy, as the conflict of the first two films centered primarily around issues of diplomacy and political intrigue. However, since Count Simon (Theo Devaney) — who attempted to steal the crown in the first film — redeemed himself and was welcomed back into King Richard's court in A Christmas Prince 2, it's no surprise that the royals would need to face a threat.

The curse hints that the trilogy, which up until now has drawn most of its inspiration from the relationship between Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is moving away from reality and towards the supernatural. Unless there's a royal curse currently at work that's being kept from us commoners.

The Christmas Prince films are actually inspired by the real royal family, according to screenwriter Karen Schaler. In a December 2017 piece for HuffPost, Schaler — who also created and hosts a TV series called Travel Therapy — explained the Netflix movie idea came from a trip to North Wales in 2014. While there, she was "impressed by how protective the community was in honoring Prince William’s and Kate’s privacy," which contrasted how "Prince Harry has ... been a target of the paparazzi for years." She wanted the Christmas Prince's lead character Amber to "see the prince for who he really was and realize how wrong she’d been."

Despite being a former journalist herself, Schaler told Entertainment Tonight in 2018 that she isn't bothered by all of the jokes and memes about Amber's questionable reporting skills. "I love all the feedback," she explained. "Even the people who thought it was corny and ridiculous seemed to enjoy it and watch it." Considering that the plot of A Christmas Prince 3 seems to hinge on Amber's ability to investigate the theft of the treaty — and maybe her ability to outsmart an ancient curse — it seems like the franchise is ready for fans to analyze Amber's journalistic integrity once more. However, viewers will have to wait until A Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby premieres on Dec. 5 to find out if those infamous note-taking skills really do save the day.

Correction: This story has been updated to accurately reflect Schaler's career background and the inspiration for the movies.

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