Hot Topic Is Selling A 'Little Mermaid' Makeup Brush Set

Hot Topic

Disney may be making your favorite childhood movies into live action remakes, but that doesn't mean you can't relive the magic of some of the studio's iconic animations. Companies love giving customers a bit of nostalgic fun, and the Little Mermaid Dinglehopper makeup brush set is doing just that. The fork-shaped set, sold at Hot Topic, takes an iconic scene from the classic, animated Disney film and turns it into items you can actually use (in the correct way).

If it's been a minute since you've seen The Little Mermaid, you may be a little curious about the name of the brush set. Let's refresh your memory. Ariel has collected a plethora of human goods from a sunken ship, and she and Flounder are taking them to the seagull Scuttle so he can explain what the are. First up? A fork which is, according to Scuttle, a dinglehopper used for the hair. Fast forward and Ariel's got legs, is living with Prince Eric, and proceeds to try to brush her hair with said dinglehopper aka a fork. Feeling more familiar?

The brush set, created by Her Universe and sold at Hot Topic, features silver, fork shaped handles embellished with multicolored stones. Plus, to up The Little Mermaid cuteness, the handles are actually engraved with the words Gadgets and Gizmos.

If you want to snag the set, though, you need to move fast. According to the Hot Topic website, there are only a few sets of the Dinglehopper brushes left, and considering that they're already on sale, they'll probably go super quick.

Bustle has reached out to Hot Topic regarding a potential restock of the set.

Hot Topic

If, however, you do happen to miss The Little Mermaid Dinglehopper brush set, don't worry. Disney nostalgia is every at the moment, and there's certainly no lack of products for you to fully embrace your love of the iconic studio.

On Feb. 28, there's a brand new Spectrum x Disney collection coming Mickey Mouse lovers' way. The new collection from the pair who have teamed up in the past consists of several new bags all featuring Mickey-inspired designs as well as a ten-piece makeup brush set.

If you're more of a skin care junkie than a cosmetics fans, Disney's also got you covered. No, really, they've literally got you covered (at least your face) because Disney princess sheet masks are available. Firebox sells the collection of princess-inspired skin care, and the masks are up for grabs in a set of four for $18.99. There's even an Ariel mask if you're really bummed about the Dinglehopper brush set.

If you're less a Disney princess fan and more a lover of classic villains, there's also a set of masks for you. Firebox also offers up a collection of Disney villain sheet masks.

While there are still just a few The Little Mermaid Dinglehopper Brush Sets left as of press time, your Disney nostalgia can be satisfied a multitude of way. Whether you want makeup brushes themed after the classic studio or prefer to rock a princess face masks, you can embrace your Disney love in a multitude of ways.