A Vlogger Used A Christian Louboutin Shoe As A Beautyblender & The Results Speak For Themselves

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I thought a teen using her boyfriend's balls as a beautyblender was the most "unique" way to blend liquid foundation. Vlogger Sadia, who goes by the Sadia Slayy handle, upped the game when it comes to utilizing unusual items as makeup tools! The Internet makeup artist used a high-heeled shoe as a makeup blender and "Blending with Louboutins" might become a thing.

This inventive and insanely creative So Cal beauty subbed a Christian Louboutin sole, which is known for its red hot hue, for a makeup sponge. She wrapped the bottom of the shoe in plastic wrap to avoid staining it and presumably for sanitary purposes. She also avoided any makeup mishaps or malfunctions by being careful and ginger about the process, given the super sharp stiletto itself.

Sadia applied the foundation to the covered sole and then proceeded to dab it on her face. She blended expertly, using the pointy toe of the shoe.

No element of the stiletto went to waste, since Sadia utilized the sky high heel to trace parts of her face and as a guide to draw contouring lines.

Most of us never would have though of using the sole and heel of a shoe as a blender and a contouring guide. But according to Sadia, who tried this technique with two different stilettos, it worked and was "extra AF."

Sadia Slayy Instagram

The Saran Wrap was a protective and hygienic measure — for her skin and the shoe, since Loubs ain't cheap.

Sadia Slayy Instagram

Then again, repurposing the shoe in an entirely unexpected and unintended way certainly helped her get her money's worth.

Sadia Slayy Instagram

Careful blending was key.

Sadia Slayy Instagram

The pointy toe did its job blending concealer. This idea was kinda brilliant and Sadia executed it perfectly. BTW, who else is loving her Minnie Mouse ears?

Sadia Slayy Instagram

At this point, I was convinced that a Louboutin sole was an effective makeup sponge.

Sadia Slayy Instagram

Remember when I said that the entire shoe was used in this pursuit? Oh, she went there. The heel doubled as a guide for placing contouring lines.

You can watch the entire process and the end result here. It worked, as Sadia said, "unbelievably well." Shoes — they're not just for your feet anymore.

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