'The Bachelor' Women Flipped Out On Peter For Bringing Alayah Back & They're Not Wrong

Courtesy ABC

Forget making it to the finale — most of the current Bachelor contestants almost didn't stick around once Alayah walked back onto the show. Peter asked the beauty queen to stay on the show despite eliminating her in the Week Three Rose Ceremony, but Alayah's return to The Bachelor infuriated the other women, who have had to put up with drama since the very first episode.

After Sydney first raised concerns about Alayah being "fake" after the pillow fight group date, Peter became obsessed with finding out the truth about whether or not she was lying to him. He spent his entire time at the pool party asking the other women what they thought about her; then, after Victoria P. revealed that Alayah asked her to lie about their shared past, he abruptly left and left many of the women worried that they would be eliminated due to a lack of time with Peter.

With tensions still running high after the football group date — with 13 women all competing for time with him at the after party — things boiled over when Alayah returned in order to "set the record straight" about her relationship with Victoria. Needless to say, everyone on the date was furious, especially since Peter's time has been consumed by drama since the very first day. "All of this drama pushes all of us back," Hannah Ann said to Mykenna in the hotel, after Peter gave Alayah the group date rose, explaining that Peter has been neglecting his relationships with the other girls in order to handle all of the drama.

"Peter allows Alayah back in this house, and it's like a slap in the face," Sydney said. "I can't look him in the face when I know he's rewarding her bad behavior." Victoria F., meanwhile, put it a bit more bluntly after finding out that Alayah had told everyone about her past relationship with Chase Rice: "She's a manipulative b*tch." And if Peter didn't know the truth about Alayah — as Natasha posited, suggesting that he had no idea what she was really like behind closed doors — the women were more than willing to let him know at the next Rose Ceremony.

"I'm sorry Peter, but I have never felt so unrecognized by somebody," Deandra said after he walked in, pointing out that the girls on the group date had literally tackled each other in order to spend time with him. "For you to walk back into that cocktail party hand in hand with her after ignoring us was a slap in the face." In response, Peter stated that he wasn't "perfect," and explained that he felt that he should have given Alayah that rose at the Rose Ceremony, but that he was "influenced" by the other women to send her home.

That, of course, started a brand new fight between Peter and a livid Victoria P., who stated that she didn't even want to talk to him about the whole thing. After all, he basically just threw her under the bus by telling the women that he was "influenced" by her comments before the Rose Ceremony. "I don't want to put you in the middle of this," Peter told her, to which she fired back, "I am in the middle of it."

Sydney, meanwhile, explained that the Alayah drama had taken over the entire competition. "I haven't had any time to explain to you why Sydney is the way she is," she said. "You don't know my middle name. You don't know anything about me, and we haven't had the chance because we're busy dealing with Alayah 24/7." Madison echoed that, telling the girls, "it's bleeding into everything, it's bleeding into every group date, every Rose Ceremony" and preventing him from bonding with anyone.

Right before the episode ended with a cliffhanger — teasing even more fights, drama and accusations of people not being here for "the right reasons" — Peter mentioned that he was worried that the women might be angry enough to walk away from the show. It doesn't look like that happened, but the drama is clearly far from over.