Aldi Just Launched A Ranch Dip For Pickle Lovers

Pickle lovers and ranch freaks, meet your new favorite thing. Behold, Aldi has pickle ranch dip, a dip that doesn’t ask you to choose between pickle flavor and ranch flavor. The dip knows you cannot choose. Both are delicious and deserve an equal place in your dips, your mouth, your heart.

The dip, dubbed Halftime Pickle, was spotted by a few eagle-eyed Instagram accounts dedicated to Aldi. (Yes, the cult of Aldi is real and they have Instagram accounts and good dips.) Insta-foodie @aldibuys said, per their caption, that the ranch and pickle dip is “awesome!!” You know it’s real because they used two entire exclamation points. Per the dip’s packaging, it’s made with cream cheese, dill relish, and ranch seasoning, all the essentials for a good and perfect dip.

If pickles and/or ranch aren’t your thing, you can see yourself out...and head straight to Aldi where they most certainly have a dip for your particular taste. As @aldibuys noted, there grocer is also selling Sweet Heat Chicken, a dip made with cream cheese, hot sauce, and cooked white-meat chicken. It’s essentially Aldi’s take on a buffalo chicken dip. If there’s one thing that unites us all, it’s buffalo dip.

This new ranch-pickle creation and its buffalo chicken brethren come courtesy of Park Street Deli, an Aldi-exclusive brand. Both 12-oz containers are being sold in some locations for $2.89 each, per Best Products. Both are being advertised as perfect game-day accompaniments, perfect for pairing with pita chips or veggies.

The pairings, like our cultural love for ranch, are endless. However, if you need a few starter ideas, I’ve got you:

  • Scoop some Halftime Pickle dip into a bowl. Adorn it with some carrots. Admire your creation.
  • Put the buffalo chicken dip into an oven-safe container. Heat that bad boy up. Serve with pretzel chips and pride.
  • Pop the top of one or both dips. Set them on a table with a bag of your favorite ruffled chips. Put your sunglasses on and walk away all cool.
  • Dump some of the ranch and pickle dip into a squeeze bottle. Spell out “self-care.” Eat the entire container in a single sitting.
  • Dip pickles in the pickle dip, something so wrong yet feels so right.

While football season is a wonderful excuse for eating dip, remember that dip is good for any and all occasions. Dips are the perfect TV-watching snack. They are the ideal party pleaser. You can even make a whole spread and have what I like to call Dip Dinner. The dip opportunities are endless.

While ranch has long been a flavor favorite across the country, 2019 has been, if only unofficially, the Year of the Pickle. So, if a pickle-flavored dip doesn’t soothe your pickled soul, fear not: there are pickle products for you yet. There are pickle chips from Vlasic, a “vacuum-fried snack” that is essentially dehydrated pickle coins. There are Lay’s Flamin’ Hot Pickle chips, a flavor marriage made in snack heaven. There are places selling sandwiches but the bread is just big pickles. There’s even a pickle ice cream split that substitutes a banana for a pickle spear. Is it an abomination? Is it a blessing? Is it a sign our pickle love has gone a bit too far? Perhaps all three.

So, what's next in the world of pickle innovation? I mean, we've already done dill pickle cotton candy. Where else can we even go? Dill pickle hard seltzer? Burritos but the tortilla is somehow a pickle? Pickle for president? At this point, no pickle product will be a surprise. The world is our pickled oyster.