Aldi Is Selling A Wine Advent Calendar Full Of 24 Tiny Bottles

Courtesy of Aldi

Of course it was Aldi. Aldi, the home of so many delicious and delightful surprises, is no stranger to a holiday surprise. But now, if you're looking for the perfect advent calendar, look no further: Aldi's wine advent calendar for 2019 is here, and even more in the holiday spirit than last year's. The new Festive Collection Wine Advent Calendar is what you've been waiting for.

This doozy of a calendar packs 24 small bottles of wine into one beautiful package, so you can get through December with a wine-fueled glow. It will retail for $69.99, and will be available in stores starting Nov. 6. It would make an amazing gift for a wine lover in your life — even if that wine lover is you, of course. With all of the wine that's included, it's probably no surprise that it costs a pretty penny —but is that really a lot when you consider the joys of a tipsy December?

In addition to the return of the wine advent calendar are a whole bunch of other advent options. Aldi is offering a beer advent calendar, a cheese advent calendar, and even an OmegaSnax dog advent calendar, along with many great options for kids and more. Oh, and if you're more about the countdown to New Year's than the Christmas season, you can get your hands on the Sparkling Wine Countdown to the New Year calendar from Dec. 4. Let's ring in the New Year right.

Seriously, no matter what you're looking for in advent calendar form, it'll be worth keeping an eye out at Aldi. There have a lot in store for adults, children, and doggos alike.

Courtesy of Aldi

Even though it's only October, there are already so many different ways to get yourself hopped up on holiday joy. We've finally seen the first hints of the "Pinch of Grinch" Cookies — bright green sugar cookies with a tiny red heart — and the Starbucks' holiday cup lineup for 2019 has finally arrived. Even Walmart is already stocking tons of eggnog and peppermint treats — and they've been doing so since September.

But my favorite holiday item that we've seen so far is, hands-down, the Harry Potter Hogwarts Tree Topper. This tree topper for Hallmark is over-the-top in all of the best ways. There are lights, there is music — you can even plug in other Harry Potter characters and they'll tell you stories. Seriously, if you want your tree to be an unrepentant Harry Potter extravaganza, then you can't go any bigger than this. And what are the holidays but a chance to be delightfully garish and gorge yourself on sugar cookies?

But celebrating the holidays with advent calendars — no matter what your age happens to be — has definitely become a trend in the last couple of years. Adults are finally getting in on the action of finding sweet, sweet presents behind tiny doors — which brings a surprising amount of satisfaction. If you want to celebrate your advent calendar in a truly adult way, then a boozy version is certainly one way to do that. And the Aldi Festive Collection Wine Advent Calendar is a great place to start. Twenty-four tiny bottles await to turn your December into something truly special — so cheers to that.